A Smartwatch Fall Sensor Can Save a Life
A Smartwatch Fall Sensor Can Save a Life

A Smartwatch Fall Sensor Can Save a Life

As years roll by, technology evolves and the man keeps pushing limits, redefining the meaning of the word impossible. 30 years ago, no one would have believed there would ever be a thing such as an internet. But look at us now, talking about 5G.

Watches and other wearables have not been left behind in the air of evolution that is constantly blowing. Traditional watches have been transforming; they no longer just tell time.

Today, smartwatches can do a variety of things, from checking pulse and heart rate to tracking sleep. Some smartwatches today can even do everything a smartphone can do. It is that incredible.

One of the features of smartwatches that would be the focal point of this article is the fall detection feature.

New smartwatches are produced with fall sensors to detect when the wearer falls. This is particularly beneficial to the elderly and other vulnerable people such as those on medication that have dizziness as a side effect and those who are vision impaired. It could even be beneficial to kids who are learning to walk.

How Does a Smartwatch Fall sensor Save a Life?

It does not, in itself, prevent a fall. Rather, what it does is detect a fall and alert or assist in calling for help. The sensors are so accurate, they could count a wearer slipping from a sitting position as a fall. It is important for elderly and vulnerable people to wear watches with a smartwatch fall sensor because it helps get assistance on time if need be.

Falls are one of the commonest ways elderly people get injured. And while we may not be able to prevent the fall, we can use this feature to quickly alert caregivers or medical care when they fall happens.

Caregivers, on their own part, can save time using this technology. Instead of waiting on the elderly, they can go about other businesses, confident in the fact that a prompt alert will come if the elderly person falls.

Some Smartwatches with Fall Sensors and How They Work

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch 5 takes in your daily motion data: speed, heart rate and so on. Once the sensor notices a fall, it automatically alerts you, asking if you fell or if you were the one that dropped the watch.

It also asks you if it can call for help. After 60 seconds and there is no movement detected or response given, the smartwatch immediately dials 911. Isn’t that brilliant?

Cerna Onhand Assistance

Cerna Onhand Assistance

Cerna Onhand assistance is worn on the hand by the elderly while the caregiver has the app. The technology has many functions: it can detect and notify relevant persons of a fall and remind the wearer when and what drug you need to take.

It also monitors the body’s vital signs. In the event of a fall, the Cerna Onhand assistance quickly asks a question to determine if the wearer is okay. If there is no response in a set number of seconds, it begins to contact pre-saved numbers on the smartwatch.

Additionally, it has a tracking system that provides the number with your exact location, making it a whole lot easier to find the ‘fallen one’.

Some smartwatches are also made to be water-resistant. So even if the fall occurs in the bathroom, the smartwatch can still work effectively. Data from the Centre for Disease Control shows that 3 million elderly people fall every day and then 30,000 of that number die as a result of the fall.

This technology, when embraced fully, would help reduce the number of deaths caused by falls since it would help send a distress call and get help quickly enough.

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