We are living in the modern world where the trends of shopping turned towards e-commerce and online stores. We are involving so much with this new way of shopping that we barely make a visit to the shops to get a product. People are used to placing their orders through e-commerce websites where they can find direct retailers that are committed to delivering the best of their services. This increasing trend brings revolution in the packaging industry as well. Customized packaging and retail boxes packaging supports the brands and e-commerce business to stand out in the market. According to a random survey, a brand will be able to get its targeted consumers impression in a few seconds, these seconds are important for your product to grab your customer attention. You can make them useful to build your brand impression through the packaging design, color, and logo.

Tips to improve the brand’s impression through packaging

The packaging is your brand’s first impression for your customers. Your packaging design, labeling, product information, ingredients, manufacturing facts, and material give signs about the quality of the product. Although it is difficult to engage and attract the customers there are numbers of ways through which you can make your customers feel special.

 Here is how you can improve your brand’s impression:

An impressive retail boxes packaging design can make your product stand out in the market. So, make sure to utilize some attractive colors, ribbons and decorative boxes for your product packaging. You can place your logo and brand name by using bold and fine design. For example, if you are the manufacturer of invitation box then it is necessary for you to design the box for almost every occasion. Like simple cardboard box with ribbons, 2 piece cardboard boxes in executive colors and white color paper cardboard box. 

Here is another way to impress your customers by incorporating the idea of inside box printing. It is a way that gives a chance to win your customer’s heart and you will be able to develop a good connection with your targeted customers. Like for candle boxes you can write some good quotation or combination of words that are related to the product nature. You can also put a welcome note, a thank you note and colorful ribbon around the box.

Commonly used option for retail packaging

Today the norms of retail business are completely changed and it brings the changes in packaging tools and tactics. There are multiple options available in the market that can be used in packaging like cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, paper product packaging, etc. most importantly you have to consider the nature of the product for which you are going to design a box. For example, candle boxes with a window look attractive and customers will be able to see the color, size, and texture of the candle. 

Here are some common options that are using for retail packaging.  

  • The small, medium and standard sizes of a box with handle are highly recommended in the retail packaging because it is easy to handle and carry. They are available in different designs and a material like cardboard, paper, plastic or hard cardboard.  
  • Folding boxes are another option that is using at retail level packaging, they are flexible, cost-effective and simple. You can make a folding box by using a simple paper and light cardboard paper.             

Surprising facts – about retail packaging 

Although the packaging is one of the fast-growing industry around the world, it gives you a surprise that very few people around us know about it. In old times it was just linked with storing, carrying and holding the product from the stores. But with the passage of time, this perception about packaging changed. Today it is more than just carrying and storing a product. Here we have some facts that will definitely give you a surprise about retail packaging:

  • It is linked with the brand endorsement and promotion like within seconds your product box design can grab the customer’s attention. So, while designing custom boxes with logo do consider your targeted market and their values.
  • As per the statistics, it is notable that customers consider that the product packaging is 15% important while shopping online or from a retail store.
  • It is observed that the businesses that spent more on their packaging designing and printing can be able to produce more revenues as compared to those who did not.
  • In all around the world, almost 85% of retail packaging involves the cardboard or the corrugated boxes.
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