Kevin Hart is an American actor. American actor, screenwriter, producer and stand-up comedian Kevin Hart are from the city of Philadelphia. A significant part of his childhood was raised by one mother, since his father, a drug addict, was in prison. The boy had the talent to make people laugh and often used it to smooth out various conflicts. After graduating from school, he entered New York College but did not finish his studies. The actor’s creative career developed in small steps: at concerts, he was booed not once, but once a piece of chicken flew into it. Over time, Kevin developed an individual, unlike anyone, style. Hart found his audience and began touring the country. Kevin’s other passion is cinema, where he already has more than sixty works: “Joint trip”, “Workaholics”, “American family”, “Five leaders”,

He was married to Torrey Hart, but they divorced. Kevin has two children: a daughter and a son. At the Oscars in 2016, the actor appeared with his fiancee Eniko Parrish. Kevin Making Millions Of dollars in Hollywood. Kevin Hart Networth is 180 million dollars.

Kevin Hart – Movies

Kevin Hart was born in Pennsylvania US, on July 6, 1979. He was brought up by a single mother, like his father, due to drug addiction, could not fully participate in raising his son. Henry Hart – Kevin Hart’s father – did not care about his family and often went to jail. Humor saved the future comedian and helped reconcile with reality. Kevin Hart started a stand-up almost immediately after leaving school, gradually conquering the famous clubs of New York and Los Angeles. In 2006, he released his first entry, “I am an Adult Little Man. The bright success of the young stand-upper attracted the attention of Hollywood, and they began to invite him to comedy. Roles in films like Think Like a Man

Kevin Hart – “What Now?”

I am an adult little man” allowed Kevin Hart to claim a place in the highest league of American comedians, he was recognized as one of the best promising stand-rappers. The second concert of Kevin Hart (“Seriously Funny,” 2010) only reinforced public opinion. However, it was only after a tour in support of the Laugh over My Pain concert in 2011 that Kevin Hart awoke a superstar. As the name suggests, the concert was based on Hart’s personal experiences and experiences, the death of his own mother from cancer and the strange behavior of relatives. Which made the show one of the most successful in 2011. In the wake of the success of “Laughing over my pain” Kevin Hart released a recorded video version of the concert “Let me explain” and “Now what?”.

Comedy with Kevin Hart

Hart’s film career developed in various directions, but most often the American stand-upper appeared in comedies. The films by Kevin Hart include such films as “The Forty Year Old Virgin,” “Meet the Parents 2,” “Scary Movie 3,” “Night School,” “1 + 1: A Hollywood Story.”

In addition, the actor was involved in the voice acting cartoons. Heroes of full-length animated films “The Secret Life of Pets” and “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Film” speak in his voice.

Kevin Hart – Personal Life

In 2003, Kevin Hart married the comedian Torrey Hart. The couple had 2 children – Heaven Lee and Hendrix, but the marriage ended in divorce. In 2014, Kevin Hart made an offer to Eniko Parrish, the couple had been married for two years, during which the stars had a son, Kenzo Cash. Shortly after the baby was born, Kevin Hart admitted that he was wrong and the couple broke up.

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