Things To Consider When Looking for a Sports Car

Things To Consider When Looking for a Sports Car

Imagine seeing a Lamborghini Countach or a Peugeot RCZ coupe zipping past you while driving on the highway. Regardless of your age or gender, sports cars have a way of making heads turn without you realizing it.

Maybe it’s the way it maneuvers through traffic, the amount of power and speed it has as it barrels down the highway, the vehicle’s sexy curves, or its bright fire red color – whatever it is, it has you hooked.

Sports cars have that effect on people. They make you look and follow it with your gaze. Sometimes it even goes beyond just looking.

Maybe you’re at that stage where you’re considering what it would be like to own a sports car. They are majestic machines with a lot of power behind them. But before you head to a dealership or sign your credit card over, you need to consider a few factors.

Think about these factors carefully. Buying a sports car does require significant investment and not just in terms of money. When you place a tick beside all these considerations, you are putting yourself in a better position to owning this moving work of art.

Purchase price

Much like anything else that requires a considerable investment, it’s essential to know if you can afford the vehicle. Be honest with yourself. Do you have the cash on hand or the budget to buy a sports car?

Sports cars are pricey machines. Consider your monthly needs first to see if you have enough left after paying for the downpayment and the monthly installments. As cool as a sports car may look, you don’t want to end up broke buying one, so make the necessary calculations first.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t get a sports car, but you have to look hard at your current expenses before you give the green light on this investment. Keep in mind that the downpayment and monthly payments are just the beginning, as you will see later.


Buying a pre-owned vehicle provides a more affordable option for getting your dream sports vehicle. Some dealerships offer great deals on pre-owned vehicles. But if you do decide to go

through this route, you must scrutinize what’s under the hood and paint.

When buying a pre-owned classic, it is essential to check the condition of the car carefully. Some details may seem minor at first but can cost you more in the long run. Let’s look into rust, for instance.

Some people think that a bit of rust here and there shouldn’t be a problem. For them, it’s a superficial flaw that can be fixed easily. On the contrary, it’s a money trap as you will pay more to control the spread of rust and keep your sports vehicle presentable.


One of the most common pieces of advice given to people who wish to buy a pre-owned car is to always go for the model with the lowest mileage. This may be true in some situations, but it does not give you the whole story. Although the odometer provides an idea of how many miles the vehicle has traveled, it does not reveal the condition of the car.

It is possible to find cars with high mileage that are in better condition than sports vehicles with lower mileage. The overall value depends on how well the machine was maintained.

But because people have this notion that lower mileage is always better, you may be able to snatch some good deals with a speedster that has a more significant odometer value.

Maintenance and repair costs

Sports cars are like any other vehicle. To keep them in good condition, they need to be inspected and maintained regularly. It’s not enough to have the money to buy a car; you also need to have the budget to maintain it.

Repair costs are trickier to calculate. As compared to the cost of mechanical repairs for a sedan or an ordinary vehicle, fixing a sports car is expensive. Sports cars are not produced in the same volume as regular vehicles, and their components are more costly to produce.

You may need to consider finding a specialist to maintain and repair your sports car. The costs may be higher, but you’re better assured that your sports vehicle gets the right treatment. Let’s say you own a Lamborghini in the UAE; you may need to look for a Lamborghini service center in Dubai or one of the other major cities in the region.

Sports cars are a thing of beauty, whether you decide to buy the newest model or a pre-owned one. However, there are certain minutiae that you need to think about carefully.

By considering these factors, you can find the best speedster that suits your specifications, and one you’ll want to drive for years to come.


Mahesh Rohra is the Managing Director of certified Pre-Owned Multi Brand Car Sales & Service, AWR Strategic Ventures, Part of the AW Rostamani Automotive Group, a trailblazer in the automotive fraternity with a legacy of over 50 years.

AUTOTRUST is the strategic arm business vertical through which the group had diversified into certified Multibrand Car Sales and Aftersales Service Center Network, offering a one stop shop solution for all automotive requirements. AUTOTRUST offers solutions to buy & sell cars, Agency standard Car Service and Maintenance, car rentals and much more.

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