5 Sensible Strategies for Selling a Car

5 Sensible Strategies for Selling a Car

Selling a car may seem simple to many, but the reality is the process can often be quite frustrating, especially if it’s your first time to do so. Taking the DIY route can lead to all sorts of circumstances with disappointing results.

For one, the price that you want for your car may not match its actual value, especially when you get a car valuation from different pre-owned car dealerships. Another thing that often happens, especially to independent sellers, is that potential buyers bargain too much.

In addition, now that selling cars online is a common practice, there’s always the risk of dealing with bogus buyers. These are people who make promises and set an appointment but renege in the end, never to be seen again.

So, if you want the sale process to become quicker and overall less stressful, here are five sensible strategies that can aid you in selling your car.

1. Entrust it to a reputable dealership

There is a growing number of pre-owned car dealerships these days, and if you really want to get your car out of your hands quickly, taking it to such a dealership is the smartest thing to do.

Not only will the business take care of valuation and list down all the documents you need to prepare for a legal sale, but they will also purchase your vehicle right away. You no longer have to worry about anything else.

It’s important to mention as well that if you want to boost the selling price of your car, it’s not uncommon for these dealerships to list the repairs and replacements necessary to help you secure a better selling price for your vehicle. They may even recommend a reliable service center that can provide you with an affordable full car servicing deal.

2. Take good pictures of your vehicle.

If you wish to sell a car on your own, you need to prepare different pictures of the vehicle. Make sure to take clear ones.

Avoid filtering images and focus on presenting the real deal. There’s a no bigger turn-off for potential car buyers than seeing a car that they’re seriously considering to buy looking quite different from its images online.

Take pictures of the interior, including the trunk and engine. Also, take snapshots of the vehicle body from varying angles. If you wish to take things further, do not just stop at pictures. Consider taking a video of the car as well, especially when it’s running.

3. Be responsive

Once you’ve put out ads for your car for sale, you must be ready to welcome inquiries about it. These will come through your email, social media chat, DMs, texts, and phone calls.

If possible, work with another person who can answer the typical questions about the car for sale. This way, if you cannot answer calls or respond to messages, somebody can take over, and you will not lose the opportunity to make a quick sale.

Another thing to consider is your availability for meetups. The demand for a meetup to see the car can come at any time. It would be to your advantage to be able to meet with prospective buyers at the most convenient time for them. So, again, find another person who can share the responsibility of entertaining buyers with you.

4. Prepare your sales spiel

The way you market your car can do wonders for its ability to attract potential buyers. It wouldn’t hurt to write down a spiel that can already cover all the necessary information about the vehicle. You can save a lot of time showing the car off to every customer this way.

Your spiel doesn’t need to be similar to a commercial with a lot of hooks. It just needs to be as informative as possible. One of the bits of information in a sales spiel that individual sellers often overlook is the presentation of the car’s potential for business. So aim to look up the different treatments that can be carried out for the vehicle that could benefit the buyer.

5. Tell family, friends, co-workers, and other close relations that you’re selling a car

You’ll be surprised at how these people are highly likely to know someone who is interested in buying a car. Remember, selling successfully is mainly about reach. So, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to use your own connections first to serve as free marketers for your car for sale. You can even get them to support the price that you have set for the vehicle to ensure your solid profit from the transaction.

One of the vital lessons to be learned from selling a car is that time is of the essence. The longer the car is up for sale, the lower its value can get. All of the tips shared above can feel like a lot of work, but you can trust them to boost the chances of your car getting sold right away.


Mahesh Rohra is the Managing Director of certified Pre-Owned Multi Brand Car Sales & Service, AWR Strategic Ventures, Part of the AW Rostamani Automotive Group, a trailblazer in the automotive fraternity with a legacy of over 50 years.

AUTOTRUST is the strategic arm business vertical through which the group had diversified into certified Multibrand Car Sales and Aftersales Service Center Network, offering a one-stop-shop solution for all automotive requirements. AUTOTRUST offers solutions to buy & sell cars, Agency standard Car Service and Maintenance, car rentals, and much more.

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