The domain of illustration design and graphic art is evolving profusely and art styles from all over the world have been impacted by this digitalization in artwork and design. Manga used to be drawn using conventional drawing methods but now digital tools and software programs have replaced such methods. If you are someone who is eager to learn how to draw Manga then here are the top Manga tools you can try in 2020. 

1. Paint Tool Sai

A favorite amongst Manga artists, Paint Tool Sai is an affordable alternative to costly Manga illustration tools such as Adobe Illustrator. The tool has been specifically designed for the creation of Manga as it has been made by the Japanese. The program itself does not consume a lot of space so you can even run various other software programs along with it. All the tools and drawing options are available in the main interface so you can easily choose any brush, color or layer you want to subsequently draw. 

2. Smith Macro Manga Studio

While the popular choice of digital and Manga artists is Paint Tool Sai, another great alternative is Smith Macro Manga Studio. Whether you are new to drawing Manga or you are a professional, this tool is going to help you out in learning and exploring new types of art styles for Manga. Each illustration you create in the tool also has the potential to be turned into an animated visual or a full-fledged Anime. 

3. Corel Painter

A program meant for painting, Corel Painter can also be used to create appealing panels of Manga. The reason why it is great for digital artwork is that it consists of a wide range of brushes, colors, layering, and brushes that are deemed best for watercolor, chalk and even oil paints. Since Manga artwork and panels have to consist of different textures, Corel Painter has the options to select different texture types to add to the drawing canvas. 

4. PGN openCanvas

OpenCanvas by PGN has become popular amongst Manga artists and animators alike. The best part is that it is available for both Japanese and English languages so a wide range of artists can use it to draw and animate. With an extensive brush set, the brush types contain watercolors, oil paints, chalk, and ink pen sets. So, you can simply select more than one brush set and use different brush strokes together to create a digital drawing. If you are looking for a tool that is specifically curated for Manga then openCanvas is the one for you.

5. Comic Life

Those who are still new to digital illustration can certainly rely on Comic Life as it works the best for beginners and novice artists. Since it is available on both Mac and Windows operating system, you can easily download it on your system and begin practicing right away. The user interface of the software is quite simple so it seems a bit boring if you compare it with Corel Painter or PaintTool Sai but all it takes is you to drag and drop the design elements on to the screen.

6. Manga Studio Debut

Now if you move towards professional drawing tools then Manga Studio Debut is the one for you. The tool is not so easy to use therefore; it is required for you to have prior experience in using digital Manga or illustration design tools. You can even integrate your mouse or tablet with the tool and then proceed to draw. The tool is not free but it offers a free 30-day trial so if you are confused if the tool is the one for you or not then you can avail the free trial and try it yourself.

7. RealWorld Paint

Now on to drawing tools that are simple and easy to use, RealWorld Paint is one such tool that Manga artists can make the most of. Its features are not too complex to use or understand so both professional and novice artists can rely on it. The layers you choose can be adjusted according to different levels of opacity. If you think the features and tools are confusing then there are several drawing tutorials available in English for your understanding. Just go over the tips and drawing tricks that are available for RealWorld Paint and you will become good at using it in no time.

8. Krita

As for quality open-source software programs, Krita has prevailed with the quality features it offers without any extra charges. The tools in Krita are highly simple to use so you can just choose a specific model and then the drawing tools for Manga creation will be displayed accordingly. You will not have any issues in finding each brush set or layer panel as each tool and feature is available on the main interface of the program. It is not available on Mac but is available on Linux and Windows as for now.