Various Parts of Tawaaf During Hajj or Umrah Described

Various Parts Of Tawaaf

Tawaf is an act of worship and is one of the most important duties of the Hajj which means walking around the Kaabah seven times. The tawaf is done in an anti-clockwise movement, with a full circle completed every time a person is back at the Black Stone, or parallel with it. The greeting in this mosque ( Haram ) is tawaf. Hence, it is important to know the parts of the tawaf and what is recommended for it so that we may be able to do it properly.


The first part of tawaaf is purification. Thus, a person who intends to do the tawaf must make sure that he has removed any impurity from himself or the garments he is wearing, and he should perform the ablution, or wudu. A person who does the tawaaf without having performed the ablution first is required to slaughter a sheep in compensation for violating this condition, but his tawaaf is valid. The tawaaf is the only duty of the pilgrimage, which is not done by a woman in her period.

Covering the Awrah

A man must cover himself from the waistline down to below his knees. A woman covers all her body with the exception of her face and hands.  Abu Bakr carried out the Prophet’s ( peace be upon him )  order to announce to all pilgrims:

“No idolater will be allowed to offer the pilgrimage after this year and no nude person will be allowed to do the tawaaf. ”

7 complete circles

The next part is that the tawaf must be seven full circles. The omission of one step makes it invalid. A person must complete all seven circles of tawaaf with each later circle performed with greater speed than the one immediately preceded. He must walk in an anti-clockwise movement, so that the Kaabah is always to his left. If he does the tawaf in the opposite direction, his tawaf is not valid.

Location of tawaaf

The tawaf must be done from outside the Kaabah. The semi-circular area known as Hijr Ismaeel is considered to be a part of the Kaabah. Hence, if anyone goes through it during his tawaf, his tawaf is not valid.

These are the main parts of tawaf. Only a short break is allowed between them, or a longer break made for a valid reason.

Things to keep in mind while performing tawaaf

It is important to be calm during the tawaf. As we have already said, the tawaf is an act of worship. Keeping that in mind our approach to it must be the same as to our obligatory prayers.

With the great crowd doing the tawaf during the pilgrimage, it is always possible that tempers flare up. Everyone, however, must remember that he cannot enter into an argument with another person during an act of worship.

If people walking behind you push you, you must try to make the pushing end with them, and not to allow yourself to push others.

You must not lose sight of the fact that God rewards those who do not retaliate for other people’s mistakes.

Let us always remember that to be considerate to others, especially when the tawaaf becomes such a hard task with the great number of people doing it during the pilgrimage season, it is very important and will be greatly  rewarded by God.

May ALLAH give us all this oppurtunity to perform this pilgrimage in our lives!
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