Traveling is one such thing that most of the population of the world loves. Some are avid travelers, some travels once in a while, some just for business, and some just because they won a trip. In every case, you got lose your pocket a little bit. At some places, you may be ditched to pay an extra amount for no reason and such scams can make you lose a good amount of money and sometimes you may hate your trip. So here we are to tell you how to recognize travel scams and how to save yourself from travel scams. Such scams while travelling any country not only give you a loss to your pocket but also spoils the excitement of the trip. You can plan your travel fixed with the taking support from Oyo Offers available in which they personalize the users experience to have safe tour to any place.

All these scams are not to scare you, they does not happen every where all the time but they are just for the purpose of your security and convenience during you trip in any country. Every country has their own kind of scams here we will discuss the scams you may suffer in India.

Fake Travel Agencies

Around the international airports or major tourist destinations, you can find some shops that’s claims to be government certified agencies and will convince you to take over your travel hotels or other services you need. Some of these agencies are fake and claim extra charges for some irrelevant services. Instead go through some official websites, or check the official cards or certificates of the company with government recognition.

Prepaid Taxis

In most of the major cities, you wont get meter based taxis easily. Mostly, what you will get are prepaid taxis that charge you more amount compared to the distance you are going to ride. Even getting a prepaid taxi is also not that easy, you got to go to certain office, pay a little amount and then you will be assigned a driver who will meet you and will leave you at your destination. You can choose to Uber Offers available to have safe and economical ride wherever you are planning to visit in India.

Burnt or Closed Hotels

When you enter a taxi or cab and give the driver an address of your hotel, they may tell you that the hotel may have  suffer a fire recently and have completely burned or they may say you that the hotel have recently closed and as a solution, they will offer you to drop you at some other hotel which belongs to their friend or partners who offer them commission on every tourist they bring to their hotel and how long you stay. Such hotels may charge you some extra fee for urgent reservation or stuffs like that. If any driver suggests you something like that, either just ask them to drop you at the hotel and check yourself or contact the respective hotel management. Most of the times, such news are fake so beware of them.

Indian SIM Cards

Getting a SIM card in any country is not that easy. It needs lots of paperwork along with your photographs and all. Even after all this procedure, it takes around 2-3 days for the activation of a SIM card. Though now a days it gets activated sooner. But paperwork is still mandatory, if someone is offering you a SIM card without such paperwork, don’t take it. It must be a used SIM card which can be a trouble for you.

Fast Taxi Meters

Once you are about to hire a taxi and the driver refuses to operate the meter because it is damaged, then threat them by telling the police. And if they start to use the meter, keep your GPS on to find the shortest route. Also keep an eye on the meter to check if it’s increasing over speed. Sometimes, the meter can be defected and the driver can charge you more money than you should pay.

Fake Train Tickets

This is another scam that can be observed in most of the countries. Trains are the cheapest and the most suitable mode of travelling from one city to another. For better travelling and convenience, we got to reserve a seat for ourselves. You may find some people claiming they can arrange a train ticket for you. They can show you some fake IDs and make you trust them but you should not. They may sell you a fake ticket that can be a dangerous thing for your journey. Instead, you should go to the official counter at every station where tickets are provided. If you are in haste and need an urgent reservation, one of the official counter will provide you a ticket with a little bit extra amount but it’s still a better option than paying for a fake ticket.

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