We all look up at hardwood floors whenever we want to give an amazing overall appearance to home. I still remember when I had planned to give my house this classy look, I contacted the best Hardwood Store near me and wanted everything to be nothing less than perfect. You cannot really take chances here, can you? But, with something so classy, comes a great price of taking proper care of it. If not given due attention, hardwood can turn lustless and can give a dull overall look. So, here is a perfect guide to maintaining your hardwood look new and incredible for a long time.

Get your wooden floors refinished

This one is a pretty obvious point as wood needs protective polyurethane finish as a protective coat. Without it, wood can get scratched and dented very easily in even small ways. So, once you are done with wooden flooring, start searching for Hardwood Refinishing Near me that instant. Wooden floor without refinishing is exactly like a foot without shoes. It must be noted that a lot of companies will claim to add shine and necessary luster to the flooring, but will end up giving an extremely waxy look to it. Therefore, make sure you hire the best hardwood refinishers around. 

Water is the biggest threat

Well known fact again, wood and water do not go along, do they? If you want to ruin hardwood floor keep damp mopping it and you’ll see. Excessive water, exposure to extreme humidity and spills must be avoided at all costs. The fact behind is that the wood fibers will swell showing signs of cupping, cracking and buckling soon enough if water penetrates in.  If however you come across a situation where you spill some water content, wipe it off using a sponge or cloth immediately, minimizing the penetration. If the spill is sticky, use specially made sprays and clean it using a sponge. The best way to regularly clean it is to use the steam cleaning method.

Maintain the finish

It is important that you maintain the finishing coat of your floor alive. Keep sweeping the floor often as required. Walking over it with shoes causes it to tear off so if you can avoid dirt and shoes, you may keep it well for long.

The best way to avoid both is to use mats on both sides of the room with a hardwood floor. This will reduce the amount of dirt entering. Moreover, placing rugs on hardwood floor may also help. But again, the rugs you use should be made of natural materials because plastic and rubber may react to polyurethane ending up with discoloration of the floor. If this ever happens, immediately search for Hardwood Refinishing Near me on google and hire some amazing guys to help you. 

Look out for these deadly items 

If you look out for these deadly things, you can prevent serious damage easily and before it turns worse. Avoid following things and you have nothing to worry.

Pets- If you love pets and a hardwood floor simultaneously, make sure the claws are clipped short. A pet-friendly finish always saves a day.

Heavy furniture – Sliding heavy furniture over hardwood floor can scratch it, the best way to avoid it is to use sliders if need be.

Heels- Pointy heels can cause dents in a very short time.