Kerala is a hub of beaches as it shares a 550 km long coastline with the spectacular Arabian Sea. The magnificent beaches of Kerala host zillion of travelers and spellbind them with the fascinating scenarios, fierce water waves, appealing seashores, and a lot more things!

Travel lovers buy Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, Delhi, and many more cities to wash away their worries with the cool splashes of water on these beaches. Backwaters and beaches form the essence of Kerala. So, if you are planning to visit Kerala soon then, you should know about the fun that awaits you on these appealing beaches! 

Be it the love of water, indulging in the natural charms or admiring the horizons, something or the other will surely make your visit to Kerala beaches an awesome experience! Here are some super-fun ways through which you can enjoy the outings to Kerala beaches even more: 

  1. Swim in the Arabian Sea:

Are you visiting beaches just for enjoying natural beauty? If yes, then you are missing out the main fun part of being at a beach. Yes, we are talking about swimming! Ok, so you aren’t a good swimmer? Well, that’s not an issue! You can still enjoy swimming by dipping your lower half body where the water level is low. 

The beauty of a beach enhances when you go for a swim. The sunrays touching the wet body provides a more soothing feeling, and so, is the breeze which becomes cooler when it passes through the water droplets collected on us. So, explore the waters of the Arabian Sea on the beaches of Kerala. You can also take a bath in medicinal mineral water springs at Varkala beach!

  1. Say “Yes” to Water Sports:

The talk about beaches is totally incomplete without water sports! The beaches of Kerala offer you scores of amazing water activities that can make your beach experience unforgettable. There are water sport options for every age group so; you can try it whether you are visiting with your family or friends.

Try wave runners, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more fun activities at these beaches. You don’t need to be an expert for enjoying any of these water sports as the professionals will be there with you all the time for your safety. They will also provide you with basic training so that you can have proper fun. 

  1. Witness The Sunset Views:

To admire the true beauty of natural panoramas at the beaches of Kerala, you should wait till sunset! Yes, the overwhelming sight of dim sun melting into the horizon and fusing its golden rays into the far-away water waves is worth waiting for. The movie-like vistas will cast such a spell on you that you will desire to capture it on your camera yet, you feel too hypnotize that you couldn’t make a move!

Enjoy the picturesque sunsets at beaches like Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Sankumukham Beach, and Muzuhuppilangad Beach in Kerala. Being blessed with such views, these beaches are perfect for a romantic date! 

  1. Chill at The Ayurveda Beach Resorts:

Kerala is the heartland of the age-old system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Ayurvedic massages not only soothe your body and mind but also cure several ailments and pains. There are many beach resorts that provide Ayurveda treatment for making your stay more refreshing and relaxed!

You can visit these famous beach resorts for a rejuvenating massage after having an energetic evening at the beach. Trust us; you will sleep more peacefully and wake up with new energy to have a lot more fun the next day! Some of the famous Ayurveda Beach resorts of Kerala are Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort, Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village and Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village.

  1. Indulge in Beach Games:

If you are a solo traveler or the part of a big enthusiastic group then, you should surely try some beach games. You can make new friends or have fun with the existing ones by doing so. Make the team and play beach volleyball, beach bowling, tug of war, beach Frisbee or any other game that you love!

That’s the coolest way to work out and have some physical activity at the beaches. You will find many sports lover tourists who would love to accompany you for a beach game in Kerala.

  1. Savor Mouth-Watering Sea Food:

What could be better than enjoying some tasty food while admiring the beauty of a beach? Food is the main thing that spice up any outing so, you should try some food items from Kerala cuisine while chilling at the beaches here. 

There are many bars and restaurants built nearby the beaches where you can go to have a scrumptious meal. Apart from it, you can get plenty of street food options on the beaches itself. The best part is that you can get seafood in abundance in this state. So, get ready to select your meal from a vast variety of dishes!

  1. Enjoy Some Leisure Time:

Sometimes just resting in a hammock on a beautiful beach with your favorite book or favorite person can be very special. Yes, that’s the magic of beaches. There are so many beaches in Kerala where you can enjoy your leisure time without any disturbance. Have an open heart conversation with your partner or make a sand castle with your kid or sunbathe while losing yourself into magical reveries.

Do anything you love to do in your leisure time at the beautiful beaches for living every moment of your trip to the fullest! Have fun in your own way without worrying about anything as it’s your vacation! 

So, pack your stuff and buy Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, Chennai or wherever you are right now! Unlimited fun and lots of exciting things are waiting for you at Kerala and its happening beaches. And hey, don’t forget to pack your stylish swimwear!