If you are thinking to plan for a trip to Southeast Asia, Malaysia will be just the best option for you. Its fascinating diversity allows beautiful beaches and islands, caves and jungles, architecture from the new era, as well as modern skyscrapers, luxurious shopping districts and a lot of art and culture to drown in. You have the best deals of Malaysia Holiday Packages from Dubai.

If you are really interested you can utilize this offers now itself. Malaysia is a different country where you can get to see various ethnicities places coming together, living in peace for the most part. The food is amazing, and you try it for sure when you stay in Malaysia. You can also visit temples of different religions, had the best diving experience of your life, and you can also have trekking places to climb the highest hike-able peak in Southeast Asia. Let’s see some of the places which catch your eyes with great features.

Best Places To Visit In Malaysia:

Kuala Lumpur :

Kuala Lumpur is the best place to visit. It is a fabulous city to visit with kids, stuffed full of attractions. It also has delicious food, and it is simple to go to various places with several train lines and cheap taxis if you will go once you want to go another time to enjoy that place once again.

Perhentian Islands Place:

If you are preparing to visit Malaysia, you need to visit this  Perhentian Islands place.  Gear up to live an extremely islander’s life on Perhentian Islands. It envelops by pristine beaches, beautiful sunrises, and soft sand beaches, Perhentian Island is a famous beach destination in Malaysia, located off the Terengganu coast. Including two islands named Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil, this island has to be on your bucket list for your next vacation to Malaysia!

Malaysian Borneo:

Travel to Borneo is a family adventure tour and explore the unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes of the region. Learn how orphaned orangutans are restored into the wild, swim among colorful fish, watch baby green reptiles take wobbly steps towards the waterfront and you can enjoy by relaxing on sandy beaches. Along the way, you will make friends, try delicious cuisine and make incredible memories.


Keeping the children happy in Malacca is not hard at all. The town is bright, colorful and packed with interesting sights, tasty food and smells. There are forts and canons to rise on, great museums and great stores. If you require more to keep the kids busy, we obtained a few play events that you may like to know about, especially if you are traveling with toddlers. All of these are within easy to walk to visit Old Town, or you could actually give the kids a treat and take a musical trishaw.


Cameron Highlands in Pahang is the largest and arguably the most magnificent highland resort in Malaysia.  Popular amongst both locals and tourists, it presents a cool respite from the sweltering heat of the lowlands. The sprawling lush lowlands about the size Singapore has much to allow nature lovers. In this place, you can also visit some of the popular places like tea plantations, Rose Valley, strawberry farms, Bee and Butterfly farms, Lavender Garden, the Brinchang night market and many more. You have another so many places to visit or stuff to do in Cameron Highlands. Along with this holiday trips you also have Singapore holiday packages to utilize with best places.

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