Not only medicines there are a lot many things that can be bought from a pharmacy. The list is endless but still, there are certain products that we need according to our need and becomes a must-have. So here is the list:

1. Chewing resin

Resin trees – natural chewing gum. She brushes her teeth from the remnants of food after dinner and freshens her breath. The specific taste reminds of childhood and those times when resin seemed to be the most delicious delicacy for which it’s worth climbing a tree. Resin is not only sold in pharmacies – sometimes it is found in health food stores. But in pharmacies it still comes across more often.

2. Irrigator for brushing teeth

For people who wear braces, an irrigator is a must. But he will not hurt everyone else either. This is a device that cleanses the mouth with a water jet. Typically, an irrigator has several attachments: for teeth, tongue, and so on. If you can wave a brush a couple of times in a hurry and find your teeth conditionally clean, then with an irrigator you can’t fool it out like that. In addition, the device improves gum health. The efficacy of oral irrigation in addition to a toothbrush on plaque and clinical parameters of periodontal inflammation: a systematic review.

3. Hourglass

The most difficult to force yourself to brush your teeth put three minutes. Therefore, when you don’t want to spend money on an irrigator, but your dental health still cares, buy a simple hourglass at the compound pharmacy and count the necessary time for it. With such a watch, you don’t have to drag a smartphone with a stopwatch into the bathroom, and they are suitable not only for brushing your teeth.

4. Steam inhaler

Everyone who was forced to breathe over potatoes in childhood remembers these feelings. Many are even aware that such inhalations are useless. Acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) in children. But a steam inhaler is needed not for the treatment of colds, but for cosmetic procedures. Steam opens the pores, and after such preparation of the skin, cleansing or moisturizing masks work more efficiently than usual.

5. Medical spatulas

Wooden spatulas (which doctors hold their tongues when asked to say “aaa”) are convenient for taking cream from a jar. You can, of course, use your fingers, but in this case microbes get into the jar, which means that the cream may deteriorate ahead of time. Therefore, special creams are even attached to some creams, but if they are not there, a medical spatula will help out.

6. Cosmetics

Pharmacies sell cosmetics. As a rule, these are expensive products, but they often work in cases where funds from ordinary stores do not help. If you have a problem or sensitive skin, take a look at cosmetics from pharmacies.

7. Disposable gloves

Pharmacy gloves are much thinner than household gloves, so it is much more convenient to wash dishes or a bathtub in them.

8. Shoe covers

Shoe covers are needed not only in the clinic. They come in handy at home: for example, to give them to a doctor or plumber and protect the carpet from stains. Shoe covers may suddenly be needed when you need to go through the mud and keep your shoes clean. Just remember that shoe covers can still slip, and be careful.

9. Hand antiseptic

Dirty hands are the cause of many diseases, and not all of them are associated with the intestines. For example, ordinary SARS are transmitted through the dirt on the hands, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, a bottle of alcohol-based hand antiseptics is what should be in any bag or backpack.

10. Pipettes or syringes

A syringe is one of the best measuring devices. Remove the needle – and you have a scale with which the volume of liquid is measured to the nearest tenth of a milliliter. Pipettes are also often needed to collect a couple of drops of something liquid.

11. Snack

Pharmacies sell water, juices and food: hematogen, marmalade bars, granola. Many pharmacies open early in the morning or work around the clock. So when there is no open store nearby, but you want to, look for a pharmacy.

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