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Yelp is a public review forum that allows users to post their reviews and rating about local businesses.  know about local businesses before they decide to go for them. Any existing user can go and post their reviews on Yelp. You can embed the Yelp reviews widget on your website to engage and build trust among website visitors.

Studies show 92% of customers trust online reviews about a product or service as much as they trust personal recommendations. Running a small business, the greatest hindrance for your business is that you have to convince new users to go ahead and try your products and services. Yelp can be a very helpful marketing tool for your business to overcome this hindrance.

Benefits of embedding Yelp reviews widget on your website:

  • Channelize traffic to your website

When people look at the positive reviews, they tend to go and check out the business website. Yelp reviews help in driving the traffic from the yelp platform to your website. It will give you an opportunity to impress the visitors with your website by embedding Yelp reviews.

  • Enhance interaction and engagement by communicating with them

When consumers post reviews about a query or something negative in particular, the businesses can always contact them and communicate with them about the issue. It gives the business an opportunity to improve its user-brand relationships.  

By addressing and resolving their issue, businesses gain loyal and happy customers. Consumers understand that if the business is taking out time to communicate with their users and resolve their issues, they are definitely trying. 

  • Use positive social proof to display brands genuine and trustworthy nature

People pay a lot of attention to existing reviews and ratings of the business. Most users make their decisions based on the reviews. Therefore, displaying positive social proof by Yelp review embedding to your visitors can be a really good idea when it comes to gaining trust. 

Reviews are the most genuine and reliable sources of content to judge a business prior to trying it and positive reviews can play a big role to convert visitors to customers.

  • Convert your visitors to customers

As I mentioned in the previous point, positive reviews can change the mind of the visitors very easily. If one is checking reviews for a business, they are on the verge of being converted to a consumer.

If they get positive reviews, they will definitely go ahead and convert. This is the power of positive reviews for a business. Therefore embedding Yelp reviews widget to your website can help convert your visitors to customers.

  • Develop a positive brand image and identity

You must have understood by now that how positive reviews can do for your brand but that is not all. When your consumers are posting positive things about your brand, embedding them can build a positive brand image which tells how happy your consumers are. 

New visitors can always read them and identify how satisfied your users are and trust your brand more easily.

  • Gain edge over competitors

By re-marketing the customer reviews you gain an edge over your competitors. When you display positive reviews about your business and they don’t, you can influence users more easily. 

You are displaying proof of the fact that your business is being loved by your users and they are very satisfied and happy which will help you beat your competitors.

  • Increase exposure to unexplored market spaces

Your brand can gain more exposure through Yelp. Maybe there are people who are unaware of your existence and you can reach that audience with Yelp. 

Listing your business at Yelp will display your business name under your business category making it more discoverable and expanding its reach.

  • Better engagement

As Yelp allows visual content also, it helps your business website with engagement. People like visual content and exploring the experiences of the people give them the final nudge to go out and try your business. It will increase the engagement and dwell time for your website.

  • Grow your leads and conversions

If the visitors can trust your brand and are willing to go ahead by looking at the positive reviews, they will definitely try your business. This will grow the leads and the conversion for your business and help you with earning more revenue for your business.

It will also maximize traffic to your website with all the positive reviews. Yelp reviews widget on a website can help your business grow with minimal efforts.


Customer reviews are a crucial part of marketing and embedding them on your website can help you a lot in growing your brand.

Keeping in mind all the advantages of embedding it on your website, you should definitely go ahead and embed Yelp reviews widget on your website.

You should use it for your better with whatever minimal investment it requires. It can help your business to engage more users and gain more sales with little effort.

Drive conversions with Yelp effortlessly and effectively!

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