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Best Vimeo Alternatives for Video On Demand Platform
3 Best Vimeo Alternatives for Video On Demand Platform

People are going crazy over video on demand and OTT platforms (something like Netflix or Amazon Prime) because of exclusive content that they can watch at their convenience. 

Moreover, from the business side of things, creating and earning money from a VOD platform has become really simple owing to so many solutions in the market that provide this service – like Vimeo

At first, Vimeo started providing specific services like distribution and monetization for its users and created several packs for different budgets like Vimeo PLUS, Vimeo PRO and Vimeo BUSINESS and Vimeo PREMIUM (Vimeo live streaming option is only included in the PREMIUM plan).

In 2016, Vimeo acquired VHX to start its own OTT and VOD providing service called Vimeo OTT. Since then, it has gained some traction amongst content creators and small businesses.

Its own platform Vimeo on demand alternatives has enabled creators all over the world to sell their content online. But Vimeo is still new to this industry, which already has a number of more experienced companies providing a lot more services.


  • Vimeo has a simple interface that makes it easy to browse, prepare and organize videos.
  • Complies with many basic systems
  • Video Analytics – Contains an analytics suite that helps video creators understand and interact with their subscribers’ videos.
  • This allows us to easily share movies with customers around the world through a simple shared link.


Considering the progress video on-demand solutions have made recently, Vimeo has several pain areas that hold it back from becoming the best.

  • It lacks monetization options. Vimeo provides transactional video on demand service only on its own platform. Moreover, it doesn’t provide an advertising video-on-demand service.
  • It works on a subscription pricing model over a one-time pricing model. While one-time pricing is quite higher than the monthly installments, for a company planning to scale and stay in business long term, the installments have a much higher cumulative cost overtime.
  • It provides only the most basic customization options like the color palette, minimal branding, etc. The player or the platform isn’t 100% customizable to suit the company’s needs.
  • While the Vimeo dashboard provides decent analytics, their marketing techniques and distribution networks are only mediocre.

3 Best Alternatives to Vimeo

Vimeo is made for individuals or small-scale companies at best. For large-scale content creators and aggregators, there are other well-suited Vimeo alternatives for business purposes. If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Vimeo for starting your own VOD platform, here are the top 3 that come to mind.

1- Vplayed

Vplayed is a video on demand solution that can be used by medium to large-scale businesses to create their own white-label VOD platform.

It has multiple end-to-end security protocols including Access Control, AES256 Encryption & DRM and provides a support team for any issue, even after launch.

The player is 100% customizable and HTML5-enabled with the latest H.265 compression algorithm that can stream any video without quality loss.

It has multiple monetization options including subscription video on demand, which can be mixed and matched according to the business requirement. 

Vplayed is one of the best alternatives to Vimeo and caters to industries like Education, Sports, Media, Corporate and much more.

2- Ustream

Ustream is another interactive live streaming and video on demand service provider and a professional alternative to Vimeo.

 It provides a free basic version with Advertising video on demand option which is why it is popular amongst beginners.

Users also have access to the white label service at $99/month. Ustream is known for its various monetization options including pay-per-view and advertising.

3- Streaming Video Provider

Branded literally as an “alternative to Vimeo”, StreamingVideoProvider gives exactly what it says: a platform to stream videos. 

From the business side, it is a pretty good platform with all the essential features that a decent video on demand platform should have.

It’s most popular pricing plan is the PRO plan at $99/month with everything but VPAID/VAST ads.

But apart from its immense features, the biggest disadvantage is that some features like extra bandwidth, storage, etc. need to be bought separately on a monthly payment.

4- Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a fully customizable video on demand solution with robust technologies that can deliver the ultimate user experience. The front end HLS player to the platform owner’s dashboard can be tailored to suit content requirements.

It is a scalable platform secured with end-to-end encryption and DRM features. Screen capture restriction and Access control prevent piracy and loss of video content. Geo restriction helps to control geographical compliance costs.

Monetization models can be customized for a business. Multiple options including subscription, transaction-based, ad-based and catch-up TV as per the revenue strategy.

Contus Vplay is an unmatched VOD platform for niche areas like Education, Sports, Entertainment Events, Corporate Townhalls, and Live Linear TV.

Final words:

By comparing these video subscription platforms and analyzing Vimeo’s on-demand alternatives, it is evident that each one is more than capable of providing a better service to its clients. 

Creating a video on demand platform is no joke, but these solutions are well-equipped and experienced to provide a high-functioning and scalable platform in almost no time.

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