Summers are officially here, you guys! And, with it comes the heat and sweat. Hair can go a little limp when you wear them down and who needs to style them with just an old pony this season anyway. With the rising trend of hair fashion and upping the game of hair styling, one needs to do so much to keep up

Headscarves are life savers not because they come in handy when needed but also because one can style it in a million different ways, wrap it around the hair and still look trendy. You do not need to know a lot of hairstyles and work with your hair in this super hot season just to look cool. A simple headscarf can do that for you. Headscarves look effortlessly gorgeous no matter what you wear, they can be styled accordingly.

Here are 6 various headscarf styles that you can easily carry and flaunt this summer season:

  1. Wearing it as bandana:

For a cool chilled outlook, folding your headscarf into a bandana and wearing it like a pro to rock a gangster look. Your boring hair can easily be ignored with the bandana over your forehead.

  1. Head Scarf:

Source: Headcovers unlimited

Covering up your head with a scarf can make you look modest, stylish and at the same time save you from the scorching heat of the sun. The rays damage your hair a lot and by covering it up you save the damage. There are various ways in which you can tie the headscarf, like the one in the picture above. But, you can style it differently like eastern women. It looks super elegant! The eastern headscarves are available on online shopping brands.

  1. Banded Scarf:

 Style the scarf in a band and leave your hair open. Perfect girly look for this season. This style can be worn on several occasions like a beach party, girls day out and when you go shopping with girlfriends. Be it a white t-shirt and jeans look or when you wear a sundress to a picnic. Wearing your headscarf in a banded style can give you a very chic look.

  1. Front Twist:

A front twist works wonders if you have bangs, short hair or short bob. It works best with the tied up messy bun. This retro style will surely make a lot of heads turn. Go crazy with colours and patterns when you choose a headscarf to style if you are bold enough. A throw of colour in this season is very eye-pleasing.

  1. Vintage wrap:

Worn by the Queen and Princesses in the past, this hair wrapping style is famous all over the world. Walking through the streets of Milan, you would spot a lot of models, locals and foreigners wearing a headscarf with big black rounded glasses. It is stylish, modest, sexy and goes with all kind of clothing styles. Wrap around a velvet shawl in the winters to save yourself from cold ears.

  1. Eye-Catching Pony:

You don’t want sweat to make your hair all frizzy in this summer, but a simple ponytail is just not your style. What more can you do about it? Accessorize your ponytail with a headscarf. Wrap it around and tie a knot to give it a gorgeous look.  Be it high ponytail or lower pony, a side braid or a french braid, this Italian style scarf wrapped around your pony will bring a drastic change to your simple pony.

  1. Ribbon Style:

This cute ribbon brings your youth back. Remember when your mom would tie your hair with ribbons when you were a young girl? Yes, every girl has been there. You can still look young and pretty by braiding your hair and tieing up in a ribbon with a colourful headscarf. Choose your style and flaunt it this summer and if you need to shop check online clothing brands in Pakistan for a beautiful collection.