If your kid’s birthday or a holiday is around the corner, and you’re confused about what to get them, don’t be. There are a plethora of options available today which are educational, fun, and which will help in the development of your child’s skills. Even though children always want video games or gadgets for gifts, when you gift them fun stuff like activity boxes with DIY projects, puzzles, etc., they will forget all about video games. 

Technology can prove to be very beneficial for us, as well as the younger generations, but its excessive use can be very damaging. Children these days are hooked to screens and it’s very important that parents put a limit to their children’s screen time. The only way to distract them from screens is to present them with fun activities that they can indulge in alone, and with others. 

Educational gifts for kids

It is of utmost importance that children engage themselves in toys and games that not only help them have fun, but that also help them learn things in a more efficient manner. Research has proven that children learn best through hands-on experience, i.e., when they’re engaging in an activity where both their mind and body is at work. Following are a few educational fun gifts that will make your child fall in love with learning:

DIY Projects

DIY, or Do it yourself projects are, as the name suggests, projects that can be done with minimal instructions. You can gain the basic knowledge about what you’re working on, but instead of buying something or taking the help of an expert, you have to work on the project by yourself, or with others. These projects can prove to be very beneficial in the sense that they can help in a child’s cognitive development, and can also help refine their motor skills. 

DIY projects require a child to be completely involved thereby improving their hand-eye coordination. Since children work on these projects by themselves, they learn to not be dependent completely on others for their work, and this helps them plenty in the long run. When children start working on a project, they visualize the process and the end result of the project, and that helps expand their imagination and helps them develop efficient planning skills. DIY projects can also be a lot of fun when children do it with their friends. That way, they can learn better, and also have a lot of fun with each other. In fact, even parents can sit down with their children and work on these projects and make a fun family activity out of it.

Activity Boxes
Activity boxes are basically boxes that contain a lot of puzzles, games, and other fun stuff that children can involve themselves in and learn better. These boxes demand a child’s full attention and are sure to keep them busy. Children usually get so engrossed in the contents of these boxes that they forget all about screens and gadgets. Activity boxes come in a lot of different themes like nature, planets, farms, animals, and much more. Apart from making these boxes and the activities inside them more interesting, themed boxes also increase a child’s general knowledge.

Apart from keeping your child away from screens, activity boxes have many other advantages. Indulging in the activities inside these boxes can help them concentrate better, which can prove to be very useful for them when at school. When a child opens an activity box, they become curious, and their curiosity leads them to get creative. 

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are very important subjects for growing children and learning everything through textbooks and in classrooms can be very exhausting. This is where STEM kits take the centre stage. Since children learn better with hands-on experiences, these kits make sure that they have children’s undivided attention, because only then will children be able to learn better. 

For example, a science kit can be very educational for a child, and at the same time can be a lot of fun because these kits usually contain fun science experiments which children enjoy a lot. Another subject which is important for the growth of a child is art. There are some kits that contain a lot of paints and other artistic stuff which fosters a child’s creativity and helps them express themselves through their talent and art. 

Before you run to your usual gift store, explore these gift options online and give your child an enjoyable, educational gift.