10 Things to Do Before Picking a Boarding School

There is always a lot of pressure on parents when it comes to their child’s education. Everything should be perfect. The experiences that a child has shapes them for the future. This is why it’s important that parents make sure that the school they’re sending their child to is the best for them. Another reason why everything needs to be perfect is that your child will spend most of their days at school. Being away from home can sometimes be overwhelming for children which is why they need to feel comfortable & safe in their surroundings.

It’s only when there’s a feeling of belongingness can a child perform to the best of their abilities. It’s imperative that you pick a school where your child can learn and grow both as an individual and as a team member. Once you have compared all the boarding schools in your list on the basis of academics, extracurricular activities, and other facilities, and have narrowed it down to one or two schools, there are a few things that you need to do before actually admitting your child in a school.

Ensure security

The first and foremost thing you have to do is ensure your child’s security. Even though the best international schools in India keep their students very safe, it is important that you look into the safety measures of the school and then make a decision.

Visit the school

It is of utmost importance that you personally pay a visit to the school you’re planning to send your child to. You can also take a tour of the faculty offers one. This way, you will know and recognize where your child is staying for most of the week, and it will also make you feel very good.

Seek feedback

Reading up necessary information regarding the best schools or education on the internet can be helpful at times, but the internet isn’t always accurate. When you pay a visit to the school, try and talk to the other kids and their parents, to know how the school really is.

Go through the guidelines

It’s paramount that you go through the guidelines provided by the school, thoroughly. Not only will the guidelines help you understand the working of the school better, but you will also be able to educate your children about them.

Check the facilities

Make sure that the facilities provided at even the top residential schools in India are able to meet your child’s nourishment and hygiene requirements. It’s crucial that your child stays healthy and happy.

Check the daily schedule

You definitely need to check the daily schedule that the school follows so that you have an idea as to what your child will be doing all day every day. Looking into the schedule will also give you an insight into the disciplinary aspect of the school.

Look into the after school activities

When at home, you can easily make sure that your child is doing their homework and you can also help them. But you won’t be present at the boarding school. Therefore, you need to make sure that there are after-school activities and facilities wherein your child can get the help they need while doing their homework or any other academic activity.

Look into the outings planned

It’s very important that boarding schools plan frequent outings and excursions for the students. Monotony can give rise to boredom, which in turn can make students lazy. But with frequent outings, your child will be physically active and will also have a lot of fun.

Check the visiting hours

Before enrolling your child in the boarding school you have selected, make sure that the visiting hours are long enough for you to properly catch up with your child. Also, look into the policies related to taking your child home for a few hours or a day, as and when needed.

Look into the medical facilities

Medical emergencies can knock on the door anytime, which is why the medical facilities at the boarding school you have decided should be top-notch. Ensure that if need be, your child will be provided with the best care possible.

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