How Can You Improve Amazon Product Photography Skills – Learn 8 Things

Amazon product photography Skills

Though it is convenient to buy anything online before buying it customers cannot feel or touch it to know it more closely. For this reason, all the e-commerce buyers have to rely on the images of the products. In other words, the images of the products can openly affect the behavior of the customer while shopping online. So to increase the sale of his product the sellers need to learn product photography skills along with product photography editing skills so that they can improve the looks of the final photo to be displayed at Amazon. 

Describe 8 things to learn from Amazon product photography services 

Use steady surface or tripod: To show a clear image of your product, you should reduce the chances of shaking the camera. It can be done effectively either by using a steady surface like a book or box to put your camera on or a good quality tripod to get a crisp and clear photo of your product.

High-resolution images: You should use a high-resolution lens on a professional camera to shoot a photo of your product. A good quality image can show the details of your product to the customer. It will help your customer to make a well-informed decision to buy that product.

Set the lighting correctly: While shooting a photo of your product you should set the lighting correctly. It should neither be too low nor too bright. Even a dull-looking product can look attractive by making the setting of light properly. It is preferable to shoot in natural light when it is spread evenly all over the product or you can also use artificial lighting and reflectors to get the desired results.

The angle of the image: The Main Image’ on the search page of your product should always show your product from its front instead of its back. You can display your product from different angles in other images to help your customers to know your product more closely.

Use of white background: While uploading the images of your product you should ensure that all of them have a white background. White background helps in highlighting the features of your product. You can slightly change the tone of white background if the color of your product is white.

Size of the product: The size of the product in the photo should neither be too small nor too large. It may miss some of the details or features of your product if the image is too small or too large. So to avoid such issues, the size of the product in the image should be proportionate.

Avoid additional items: It can be confusing for your customers if you put some additional items around the product like accessories etc. It can be disappointing for the customer if he does not get what you have displayed in your photo. So, to avoid such misunderstanding you should show in the image what you will deliver to your customer.

Avoid arrogant content: You can sell your products to various types of customers through Amazon. So, while uploading the images of your products you should consider the feeling and emotions of all the buyers. While shooting the images of intimate clothing you should focus on the product instead of the mannequins or models to avoid indecency.

Thus, by learning these 8 lessons of Amazon product photography you can easily influence the buying decision of your prospective customers. You can think of outsourcing photo editing from a third-party vendor to improve the looks of the final image.

What if a product arrives before photography to Amazon?

If a product arrives at Amazon without photography then the seller will be asked to learn product photography at Amazon Product Photography Services as it can be beneficial for his business in the long run. The benefits of good product photography may include:

  • The seller can establish a strong presence online with good product photos.
  • The seller can get a steady customer base for his products
  • The customers can understand the quality of the product by interacting with it visually
  • The rate of conversion, as well as the sales, can be increased significantly with improved graphics

A seller can get all these benefits by learning the skills of good product photography at Amazon.

Cost of learning product photography from Amazon product photography services 

There are three levels of learning product photography from Amazon including:

Conversion Starter Kit: Its cost is $597.00 which allows you to shoot 3 to 5 eye-catching photos of lifestyle images or with a white background. Photos will be created based on Expert Market Analysis. Photos will be developed to Drive conversions and clicks. The use of models can be included if necessary. Professional post-production assistance and professional branding and short-listing consultation will also be available. Extra photos for external use and selection will also be provided

Conversion Master: It cost is $797.00 which includes the shooting of 6 to 9 amazing photos of lifestyle images and with white background. Photos will be created based on Expert Market Analysis and developed to increase conversions and clicks. Models can be used if required. Professional assistance for post-production as well as branding and the shortlisting will be provided. Extra photos for external use and selection will be provided

Branding Expert: It cost is $1447.00 which includes the shooting of more than 12 wonderful photos of lifestyle images and with a white background. The rest of the terms will be the same as in the other two options.

Short guidelines for product photography 

You must have a good camera, a tripod, a memory card, a roll of white paper, a white foam board, a folding table, duct tape and clumps and a source of natural light to start product photography for Amazon. You can follow the following steps to start product photography.

  • Put the table near the window
  • Spread white paper to cover the bottom of the table and adjoining walls smoothly
  • Use clamps or duct tape to secure the paper on the table and wall
  • Reflect the natural light from the window by putting foam board at an angle
  • Set the tripod at the proper height and fix the camera on it
  • Start taking photos from different angles to get desired results

Thus by learning product photography skills at Amazon, you can increase your overall sales.