When you deal with a lot of data, things get confusing. It can be hard to make sure you’re using a simplified system, which helps to streamline your function. Having special software in place to organize your data, numbers, processes, and information in a comprehensive format is key to working smarter, not harder.

Want to learn more about BI software?

What Is Power BI?

There is a lot that Power BI can do. It’s a cloud-based collection of intelligent tools and helpful features designed to organize information and create powerful reports and information sources into easier ways of understanding. It can be shared with a team, and does so much more than what meets the eye. For companies and organizations that deal with a lot of data, especially numercial, this is an essential software to have.

Microsoft created their Power BI software to help create visually relevant information. A lot of us will work more efficiently if we have an easier, quicker understanding of the data and information we have to work with.

How Does Power BI Work?

The main purpose for this software is to scale business growth by putting information together in a more efficient way. You’d be surprised how much goes overlooked within a business, and how much revenue you may be losing by spending time on complicated data. Power BI aims to eliminate that problem.

It brings your company data forward in a seamless, comprehensive interface. Employees and project teams will come together in a streamlined fashion with access to identical information that has been translated into simplified reports, charts, diagrams, and more. This software works by improving your operational efficiency.

Major Solution Highlights

Within all the features included in your Power BI software, there are a few major elements we like to focus on to really show the scope of ability this platform provides your employees. Here is a list of some our the Microsoft’s Power BI software highlights we find most useful:

  • Reports pushed automatically
  • R-powered visuals
  • Easily customizable with no programming needed
  • Perfect mobile compatibility
  • Uses a special SQL server

Getting Started With Your Demo

At MCA Connect, we aim to help all of our clients utilize Microsoft’s incredible software and business tools. Included in this is, of course, Power BI. While we recommend many other products to be used along with it, there is an offer for a demo to see if Power BI could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

To get started, simply visit us online and request a demo from us. We will ask for some very basic, proprietary information and get back to you. Once that line of communication has been

opened, you’ll be invited to learn all about what we have to offer, and more about Microsoft Dynamics.

MCA Connect offers many services and solutions, from management to improvement to updating. Navigating complex software and system drives like Microsoft offers cna be tough, so let us help train you and get everything set up, so you can focus on what really matters; your business operation.

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