The sewing machine was invented in 1846 by Elias Howe in hopes of making sewing easier and more practical. In the 19 hundred, there were no stores where you bought clothes or linens. You had to learn how to sew by hand your clothes, and if you were good enough, you could sell them to make money.

Sewing by hand is very tedious, resulting in a lack of linens being produced. When the sewing machine was invented, it impacted the production of clothes and linens immensely. The development of the sewing machine impacted the textile industry, allowing clothes to be mass-produced, which gave women more jobs. The new machine allowed women the opportunity to make money.

The inventions affect textile industry sparked technological advancements and that without this innovation, would create a delay in our economy. In today’s society, there are several things that need to be hand sown, or material that people opt to sew themselves. Women use sewing machines to create beautiful pieces of artwork for recreational pleasure along with business ideas. Sewing is a worldwide hobby that has sparked creativity and innovation.

In order to successfully use a sewing machine, you have to begin with buying the correct machine that you can use at home. This may seem irrelevant and unimportant, but a well-designed and proper machine will make all the difference on your creation.

The first thing you should do is research all your options, so you know what you’re looking for, give yourself time to decide, so you’re not rushing the process. If you are new to sewing machines, you should start out with a mechanical machine. The mechanical machines are a lot easier to operate and require a lot less effort. When buying the right machine, there are a few things that you should look for. The most important things to include are the built-in needle threader and the needle adjuster.

Anybody who has ever sewn before knows how tedious and frustrating it can be to thread a needle, with the built-in needle threader, you will never have to do it, and it will speed up the process. The needle adjuster feature allows you to move your needle up, down, left, right, and to pivot your fabric. This ability greatly improves the quality of your artwork, allowing for flexibility and creativity. There are many other features your machine could include, such as speed control,  lighting, knee lifter, and free arm. All of these features help in making your machine more efficient and ultimately give you the best experience.

When having a sewing machine, it is very important that you know how to properly use it. If used incorrectly, the machine could break, or you could damage your artwork. To begin sewing, lift the pressor foot and slide your fabric under the needle till it is properly aligned to were you want to start your sewing. Control the speed of your sewing with the foot pedal as you feed the fabric under the presser foot.

You can now pivot the fabric in order to create your desired design. When you’re decided that your artwork is finished, make a few stitches back and forth over the finished line. To remove your fabric, raise the presser foot and remove the fabric. The process seems simple but requires tentative desire. The more you practice, the more you will gain control of the machine and advance your artwork.

The last thing to know about having a sewing machine is to properly clean it. Without appropriate maintenance, your machine will not preform to its ability and could even break or ruin your artwork when used. The most important thing when cleaning your machine is to make sure that it is off, if not you can risk harming yourself and the machine.

When the machine is off, you should properly remove the needle, pressor foot, bobbin, the needle case, and bobbin plate. Then use a small lint brush to remove any lint in the feed dogs. In addition to or instead of the lint brush, you can use canned air to remove any lint and buildup. If you use canned air, be cautions not to blow lint further into the feed dogs.

Next, open the machines side cover in order to reveal the thread path and to clean the tension disks. After putting everything back together, you now may want to clean the outside of the machine with a cloth. Before completely reassembling your machine, be sure to replace the bobbin case and reinsert the needle.

It is very important to clean your machine, if you use it every day, you should try to clean it at least once a week in order to see the best result. If you only use it occasionally, be sure to check the lint buildup, which will determine if it requires sanitation.

A sewing machine is a great invention and a great way to pass the time creating beautiful pieces of art.


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