Onshore vs Offshore Software Development

Offshore vs Onshore Software Development

Technology has done incredible things when it comes to collaboration of work around the globe. The ease of communication provides convenience for those with clients worldwide.

Face to face meetings can be done, virtually allowing companies to build rapport with clients. Software development can be a very profitable venture. Useful software combined with the right promotion can lead to millions of downloads and subscriptions.

The question for software development is whether the project is going to be handled onshore or offshore. The choice of onshore versus offshore software development depends on a variety of factors. Onshore teams are usually located in your country and usually in the same city for many companies.

Offshore teams are international that can be comprised of people from a large number of countries. Both types of software development have positive aspects which can make either a perfect choice. The following will examine both onshore and offshore software development.

Onshore Teams Are Easier To Manage

Being able to meet with the team weekly and spitball ideas are extremely valuable. Being able to write down ideas to work off of is the ultimate form of collaboration with the quality of the software hanging in the balance.

Not having the ability to meet with the software development team can be stressful for those working on other aspects of the project. The fact that some offshore teams work in the dead of the night will also impact the speed of communication. There are teams that will work U.S. hours when it is requested of them.

Communication Can Be Lacking Utilizing Offshore Developers

Communication can be tough for a company working with offshore software developers. The language barrier can be too much to overcome, especially if the company developing the software is very specific in their requests.

Hiring a software project manager from the country the development team is from can be wise. This person should be fluent in English as well so instructions that do not translate well can be explained to the developers.

Offshore Development Might Be Cheaper But Quality Could Suffer

The attraction of offshore software development is the ability to save quite a bit of money. The ability to scale and get a project done quickly is also another positive aspect of offshore development.

The cheaper option can lead to lower quality software being developed due to a myriad of reasons. Integration into some kind of project management platform is imperative whether utilizing offshore or onshore development.

Cultural Differences Can Impact The Project Immensely

Cultural differences can make a far larger impact than many might believe. Being strict is a must as developers being paid hourly could drain a company’s budget. A smooth approval process combined with a streamlined workflow can make the management of offshore developers far less complicated.

The motivation of the development team can also differ immensely so research how a particular culture responds to different managing styles. For those on a tight deadline, it is extremely important to remember international holidays.

Chinese New Year can stop a project in its tracks if utilizing a Chinese development team. Natural disasters can also play a role in this as places like the Philippines that have had to deal with tsunamis and the devastation they cause.

Take the time to consider both options when having software developed. One project might require a largely offshore team while another could require a smaller onshore team to meet with weekly. A combination is used can reap huge benefits as well but can be a nightmare to manage overall.

Take the time to ask for other examples of completed work from both types of developers as well. The last thing anyone wants is an amateur software developer taking on an important company project.

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