What should we expect from the best CMS in 2019? Lots of great things, of course. If you think that you will only get blunt pages, think again. Many characteristics are already evident, and we have big expectations about them. Without wasting time, let’s get to the 10 WordPress trends that we’ve seen in the year 2019.

Genuine Design

The number of websites has increased tremendously, which has led to overwhelming competition among companies and businesses. Uniqueness and so what they are aiming at when creating websites. It’s evident to stand out from the crowd; you need a website that sets you apart from the rest. So, this year is expecting a lot of customized web pages to help companies build their individuality and identity. To make this happen, numerous frameworks such as JS and HTML5 will be used to create attractive animations. These are the top tools in web design but need some proper planning and efforts. 

Single Page Appearance

Businesses and WordPress developers are increasingly favoring single page websites, and we expect this to trend until we cross over to 2020. Why they prefer this is due to its simplicity and the convincing power they have over visitors to buy products online. It has a storytelling effect that makes it easy to lure in visitors. The single-page technique also doesn’t have any baggage and customers will have an easier time navigating through a WordPress website. 

Parallax Will Remain Popular

To create a 3D illustration, a simple trick is to move background at a slower rate than the foreground. This technique is what we call Parallax, which is used to create depth on the page. It is used to generate website traffic. This is the year; we expect it to trend as companies try to generate more traffic and conversions to their traffic. You should, therefore, brace yourself for more of it this year. 

Themes will Play Great roles WordPress Website Design

Back in the days, it was an uphill task to try and find that elusive theme. It led to delayed projects, which made the website too long to launch and become live. Today, things have changed, and credits go to the WordPress theme applications, which have made it easier to pick the required option and customize it according to the requirements. This trend is going to be popular this year and also in the year 2020. Like I mentioned earlier, customization helps businesses establish their identities. 

Drag and Drop Content Will be Popular

Nowadays, there’s bye-bye to the sidebar layouts and hello to the drag and drop in widgets. The drag and drop editor is becoming popular, and this should be expected in this year’s WordPress development strategy. The editor is making its presence felt. The Reason being, they provide plenty of flexibility in WordPress development. You get full control when using content, creating plugins. This has broken the chains of the regular format of the WordPress website. Developers have more freedom with layouts. This trend is expected to tend throughout this year. What I love about it is that widgets can be included in pages and also positioned for optimization. 

Move to Saas Platform

Although there are plenty of plugins and themes available for WordPress users, their codes are open source. It means that anyone can change the codes and use the widgets on their page. It violates the copyright and developers get discouraged. The best solution for them is to convert the widget into a SAAS item. Nowadays, the majority of developers are changing the licensing policy to protect their codes. It is a new concept that is slowly developing into a trend.


Competition has increased, and companies want more effective textual presentations from WordPress. People find H2 and H3 headers boring and not interesting enough to bring in traffic. They are focusing more on unique content and what better ways to achieve this than to use typography. Today, it’s effortless to use third-party software like Photoshop and Google to create attractive fonts and import them into the WordPress environment. Fonts that are customized are more beautiful than conventional ones, and this will trend this year.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile-friendly WordPress website will also trend this year. People are looking for convenient ways to access their WordPress sites on the go. It is now inevitable that all websites become mobile-friendly or responsive to any mobile device. This makes the site lucrative. It is because over 80% of Internet users access the net using their mobile devices and if you fail to tap into its massive potential, you’ll lose a lot in your business. 


If you are using WordPress to power your website, you must be conversant with these trends. Plugins will also follow suit, and developers are going to build plugins according to these trends. What powers the WordPress website is plugins, so it’s evident that there are going to be numerous plugins to make trending functionalities possible. I trust that this article has shed some light on what you should expect from the WordPress platform in 2019. If you are a plugin or WordPress developer, try staying up to date with these trends.