Hey, maybe you’re expecting a job after completing your graduation or post graduation. If you’re still looking for a job then this article will be helpful for you, I think. I will share some awesome tips with you all that will help you to succeed in your next job application.

There are lots of guys and girls become really impatient to get a job after completing their SSC exam or HSC exam, I think, that’s a mistake. This time is appropriate for learning, not for working, but you can work part-time if it’s really important.

So no more wait, let’s check top 7 things to know before applying a job.

#1 Find Your Perfect Fit

Finding a perfect fit is important. You shouldn’t apply randomly every job that you found on your dashboard. So you need to find the best fit for you.

Find for the Perfect Fit

How to do it?

When you are looking for job opportunity in any website you can use the feature ‘Advanced Search’.

Almost every job offering website has that feature.

You can put a preferred keyword there or add your education qualification or experience that will show you the similar jobs which match your CV.

So, stop applying for every single job that you got in front of you that could kill huge time. Just apply for the perfect fits; I hope you will get an interview call soon if you follow that.

#2 Do Research about the Company

Before applying, take a look at the company website and learn some basic thing about them. Because you’ve to learn what actually their company about and what they do.

If you take a look on their website, you will get a brief idea about them.

That will help you to write the perfect Cover Letter for yourself. If you mention some facts that you know about their company in the cover letter, that may help you.

#3 Make the Best CV


Your CV shows your creativity, there are lots of people make their CV from a third party website or service. I don’t prefer this.

You should create your own CV; there are lots of CV Making Tutorial available on YouTube or so many blog posts.

You can learn from there, and it’s a skill. If you even can’t create a CV, then how will you handle a job?

So in your CV, including the most important things of your career.

No need to add every single experience that you’re in your career, just put the most similar.

Use your recent picture there that show you really gentle.

Keeps your CV updating, and check it again and again, you couldn’t bear a mistake on your CV.

That could get you kicked out of a good job.

#4 Update Your Social Media Profile

Social Media

Do social media profiles matter for your job?

Yes, nowadays, it does.

Because a big number of people get hired from LinkedIn, and it’s a social media platform. If you can show your excellence in social media with your writing of graphical tasks, then any company hiring managers can notice you.

So it’s more than important now a day to keep your social media profiles updated.

#5 Write the Best Cover Letter

Provide important information in the cover letter. Before writing your cover letter, you need to read the job post properly and try to understand what they are asking for.

And do little research on their company website.

That will help you to write a described and really beautiful cover letter. In that way, you may win the heart of hiring managers.

Remember, you have got a few seconds only to impress someone with your cover letter.

So be generous in that.

A magnificent piece of the cover letter could be the reason for your next hiring.

So spend time on writing a cover letter, don’t be rush.

#6 Send the Job Application Directly into Company Hiring Manager

Suppose you found a job on Indeed.Com or some online job circular website. Then you should go to their website and check if they provide any circular notice there.

That’s the best way to apply for a job.

Directly mail to the hiring manager through the company email. That increase the possibility to get noticed.

You know most of the time, job applications stay unnoticed.

#7 Prepare You for a Video or Live Interview

Keep yourself always ready for a video or live interview. Nowadays, the video interview is a really smart way for the companies, where they can ask a large number of people for an interview. So you should be available for a video interview.

It’s super easy; you just need to have a Skype account on your Mobile or PC.


If you can follow these tips, I hope you will be able to find your next dream job easily. Every good thing needs really good effort, so you don’t need to lose hope if you don’t get called for an interview. I suggest buddies keep applying into the best match jobs with a better cover letter.


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