There’s thing argument that the smartest dogs are as smart as a 2-year old kid. Of course, this is in a bid to paint a clearer picture so that we can understand and relate with our dogs as we’d do with our kids. One fundamental observation that seems to baffle scientists is the fact that the smartest dog breeds aren’t always the friendliest. Of course, just like in humans, measuring the level of intelligence isn’t always a straightforward affair. So, the same way you pamper your kids is, perhaps, the same way you should pamper your dog. You can get them nice dog sunglasses, clothes or crates.

There are many dog breeds which are considered smart with some being smarter than the rest. So, how do you define a smart dog? For me, I consider any dog which performs well at work and offering services as being intelligent. In Our list, we are going to highlight the Top 5 Smartest dog breeds on the planet.

What makes a dog smart?

Well, this is a rather tricky question. In fact, even experts give different answers when you pose this question to them. Some people would argue that the smartest dogs are the most stubborn-I agree. However, this isn’t always the case so this notion isn’t cast on a stone! Other people say smart dogs are extremely hardworking; an argument which is also support.

However, we all must agree that intelligent dogs are fast learners (there’s no doubt about that). Training intelligent dogs takes lesser time compared to the normal breeds which take a longer time to grasp a concept and adapt to a certain command. So, we can all agree that smart dogs are fast learners.

#1 Border collie:

Border collie

Saying Border collie is smart is, in fact, an understatement. I mean, with the argument that the smartest dogs’ intelligence would be equal to that of a 2-year old kid, I think Border Collie would be like that of a 4-year kid. I have owned this dog and I can tell that they are quite intelligent. They are energetic and extremely athletic. And, they are ever ready to learn new tricks. The dogs are known to adapt to all environments and they can learn almost everything.

#2 Australian Shepherd:

Australian Shepherd

Just like the Border collie, Australian shepherds are extremely intelligent and they can learn almost everything. Funny enough, they are also quite friendly which is a less common characteristic of most intelligent dog breeds. The Australian shepherd is also is also considered a sheepdog which makes it quite active and ever working. The dogs also require to be kept busy at all times or they will find something to keep them busy.

#3 Poodles:


Forget about their fancy and “prissy” appearance, poodles are among the smartest and most active dog breeds on the planet. Of course, most people prefer keeping them exclusively as pets. However, these are highly active dogs which are ever ready to learn. I once watched this video where a poodle was jumping through loops, balancing on ropes and pulling all those crazy tricks and I was sure the trainer would have put too much effort if he had been training regular dog breeds.

#4 German shepherd:

German shepherd

Although they aren’t the friendliest of all the dogs, German shepherds are among the smartest dog breeds on the planet. They are effective in securing your premises and they can be trained within a very short duration. Although they are energetic and ever active, German shepherds require utmost mental stimulation in order to stay active and alert.

#5 Rottweiler:

These dogs are gifted with the ability to read people and show the side that they think the person deserves. Depending on how friendly or unfriendly they consider you, a Rottweiler will then respond according. Generally, they are friendly and playful but that can change when they see someone they don’t trust.

Final Thoughts!

This list only contains the top 5 smartest dogs. Of course, there are other smart breeds so don’t be afraid to explore other options. However, we believe these are quite dependable and reliable if you need to train them for a certain service.