Today, UTE canopies & trays have gained popularity mainly due to its tailored-made design which fulfils work and leisure purposes of the people. The type of UTE trays you need entirely depends on your lifestyle as they are available in different designs, sizes, and styles.

You can easily install in your 4×4 UTE vehicles and remove any time you need to maximize load capacity. It is mainly used to store and transport tools, camping gear or other equipment in the tray. Add-ons like custom Ute trays Toowoomba are also helpful for traders and people who work in construction.

Here are some more top reasons to install UTE trays on your car.

Storage Capacity

Installing custom UTE tray can increase your vehicle’s storage space. It offers extra room to carry the belongings on your truck, and you can also customize your UTE trays as per your storage requirements. With a large amount of space, you can easily carry a lot of goods and equipment from one place to another without causing any damage. Consequently, this can also increase the productivity and efficiency of your work.

Cabin choices

With UTE trays, you can enjoy the interior and storage capacity at the same time. It offers superior flexibility option with several designs and layout. You have to pick the one which can completely change the look of your old vehicle.


Aside from large space facility, UTE trays also protect the load. UTE trays offer lockable options to store and safeguard your tools and equipment all the time. Also, you don’t have to worry about load and unload these heavy or big tools every day since you can keep them locked in the UTE tray.


UTE trays come in numerous materials, but aluminium trays are the most popular and durable. Aluminium trays are lighter than steel and can easily last through decades of wear and tear if properly installed and maintained. These trays are adaptable to any situation and don’t compromise with the security and safety of passengers.

Also, Aluminum is not susceptible to rust, making it a good investment for your vehicle.


One of the biggest reason to install UTE trays is the practicality of them. Either you are a plumber, electrician, or any tradesman; you will need a reliable UTE with large tray space. When searching for the best designs, create a list to identify the best-suited trays.

Perfect for Work

UTE trays are perfect for commercial purpose. Suppose, if you work in the construction industry, you will have to carry around a lot of equipment and tools every day. And leaving your vehicle with such items anywhere can be risky. So, to keep expensive tools and equipment in a safe place in your vehicle, you can make use of lockable UTE trays. You can also add an extra tray storage space for surfing or other recreational activities.

Also, UTE tray provides the opportunity to transform your truck with the custom design option into personalized transport unit. Whether you use the tray for work or personal use, it comes with increased flexibility option.

Add Value

Adding UTE trays can increase the value of your vehicle and guarantees that this value is retained in the long-run. Also, If in future you plan to sell your UTE it will be easy for you to find a potential buyer. Moreover, trays also prevent your vehicle from exposure elements and maintain it in better condition.


UTE has a tailored-made design option, and you can install it in your vehicle as per your personal lifestyle and requirements: size, colour, material and finish type. The great thing about customizing is that you are investing in such a product that you like the most and can provide a good value of money.


Ute trays don’t just serve tradesmen and women on the job. You can also use it for recreational purposes, such as camping trips, weekend tours or pursuing your hobbies. You will be able to store tents, bikes, boards, fishing poles, and more on your UTE tray, making the process of pursuing your favourite hobbies and activities much more convenient.

Aesthetic value

Adding custom UTE trays can improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. You can also choose paintable or non-paintable trays and customize the colour as per your vehicle model and design. You can also remove a used corroding tub and install an aluminium tray to get a modern, and stylish look of your vehicle.

Bottom Line

Ute Canopies & trays have become popular in the automobile industry due to the many benefits offered by these products. Therefore, you should take a look over the reasons mentioned above to install UTE trays on your car.

If you want to upgrade your vehicle functionality, value, and appearance, prefer purchasing Custom UTE trays Toowoomba from a reliable supplier.

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