Are Cardboard Boxes Recyclable?

Cardboard boxes are the backbone of the packaging industry. They are the most used and preferred packaging solution in almost every sector of the industry throughout the world. They are a sign of joy for people when they get home to find their boxed Amazon packages, a subscription box, or the pizza they ordered to treat their hunger.

These boxes are seen everywhere and have a huge role in our daily lives. Whether helping us saving our memories or sending gifts out of love to our loved ones, these custom cardboard boxes always have our back.

Recyclable or Not?

The question here arises is that the product of such great demand that is manufactured in tons and utilized by millions on a daily basis is recyclable or just burdening the environment? The answer to this question will satisfy your environmentally conscious thoughts. Yes, this staple packaging option that offers tons of benefits is imposing no harm to the environment rather good for it. Let us dive deep to explore the how’s and why’s.

How is it Recycled?

Cardboard boxes are made from renewable and recyclable materials. They are made of paperboard, which is made of fiber that is obtained from plants. So their fibrous nature makes them turned into pulp when they are soaked in water. Some chemicals are also added during their pulping to make the process faster. The obtained pulp is then mixed in with some fresh pulp. Although cardboard can be made with merely the recycled pulp but the quality of it will be a little poor.

This is why fresh pulp is added into it so that the resulting cardboard is the finest in quality and resilient enough to easily bear the wear the tear. The pulp is then filtered to remove all the excess materials and colors that were part of the custom cardboard boxes material before their recycling.

Then comes the finishing part where all the water is extracted from the pulp, resulting in a linear board which is used to make fresh custom cardboard boxes in unlimited shapes and styles.

Benefits of its Recycling

Five trash bins of different colors with different types of waste over them

There are tons of environmental benefits of recycling the Cardboard boxes. Let us discuss a few of them.

Prevents Deforestation

Cardboard is recycled five to seven times before its fibers become too short to be used further. One ton of recycled cardboard is capable of saving 17 trees. Isn’t it amazing? Now imagine how many trees you will be saving by recycling tons of cardboard boxes.

Reduces Carbon Emission

Those 17 trees saved from the recycling of one ton of cardboard are capable of absorbing 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year. If those 17 trees were burnt instead, they would have emitted 1500 pounds of the carbon dioxide back into the environment.

Saves Energy

The manufacturing of cardboard from virgin trees consumes much more energy than their manufacturing from recycled materials. This is how recycled custom cardboard boxes save energy consumption by 64 percent or nearly 5000 kilowatt per ton, which effectively results in saving 380 to 475 gallons of oil. By saving this much oil, the consumption of fossil fuels is reduced besides the energy resources that emit greenhouse gases, which ultimately causes a reduction in air pollution for 60 pounds.

Reduces Waste

Recycling of cardboard reduces the disposal of waste in landfills and thus contributes to reducing environmental waste, which eventually results in cleaner surroundings.

Recycling of Cardboard boxes benefits the environment in so many ways. But it also benefits the packaging companies as recycling reduces the cost of cardboard material, which results in increasing their marginal revenue. In this way, they are able to provide custom cardboard boxes to the customers at lower rates. So it’s a win-win for both the environment as well as the business.

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