Bags are more than just an accessory. Bags are a necessity which is also attractive to look at. Bags in various forms, such as pouches, have been used for centuries for its functionality; bags nowadays are more than just something to carry our belongings in, they are a statement of a person’s style. 

Post World War I, carrying handbags became a necessity than a style statement and stature. Today, most of us cannot think of stepping out of the house without carrying a small bag/purse to carry out necessary belongings. 

There are various types of bags and many of them correspond to the type of occasion that they are for. Bags come in various sizes and there are many renowned designers designing new bags, that, besides functionality, are exorbitant in cost. This is due to bags being a sign of economic prosperity and many women, opt for cost-effective clothes, while, some at the same time pay a premium for designer bags for a boost of self-confidence.

Popular styles of bags

Women have unlimited options when it comes to the designs and style of the bags to choose from when they are searching for women handbags online.

Satchel bags

These are simple bags with long straps, that are typically worn across the body. The bag has a flap that covers the top of the bag and has fasteners to secure the flap to the body of the bag. This is also frequently called the messenger bag, which is for men. Messenger bags were typically used by mailmen when it started, although now it is utilitarian, and is made in the shape of a sack. 

Sling bags

Most people confuse a sling bag with a satchel. Although they share a few common properties, they are different products. Sling bags are considerably smaller in size than satchel bags and are usually worn on one side from the shoulder, as opposed to across the body for a satchel. 

Hobo Bags

These bags can be easily recognized by the crescent shape with a strap, worn over the shoulder. These bags can vary in sizes, although the most common size is medium to large. The name Hobo bags come due to its slouchy shape, and there are many options across all price ranges for this practical and comfortable design. 

Quilted bags

Recently, quilted bags are in vogue and are available in various sizes to suit every occasion. There are small quilted sling bags for everyday use and also fancy large ones, for work or travel. These bags come in all price ranges and are affordable for everyday use. 

Clutch bags

Clutch bags don’t have a strap or a handle by which is carried, and therefore the name. These are commonly used for an evening outdoor or a special event when you do not wish to carry a heavy or a large bag. Easily customizable, with a never-ending variety for every attire you can think of, clutch bags are extremely versatile and can be used for all types of dressed events.  

Whichever bag you choose for the occasion, there is no denying that bags are essential accessories for most of us. Whether for work or for travel or a special evening out with friends, a bag is vital to complete an outfit, along with its practicality and functionality.

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