Importance of POS (Point of Sale) system can’t be deprived of in any business area in this digitized era. To increase efficiency, it’s mandatory to reduce paperwork by providing an intuitive interface to the employees. It can lower the cost and help to increase productivity. It provides faster services to check out the customers that may leave a good impression regarding your brand; long queue may frustrate the customer. It eliminates human error and provides complete transparency in all set of operations with real-time data. So, it will be an efficient solution for repair shops to use Pos to grow their businesses.

Some of the industries like Cell Phone Repair Shop, Watch & Jewelry Repair Shops, Computer Repair Shops, Electronic Repair Shops, Musical Instruments Repair Shops, Auto Repair Shops, Small Engine Repair Shops, and General Repair Shops should use ‘Point of Sales Software’ to accelerate their businesses, maintain competitiveness and profitability.

A valid point of sales software must offer features that’ll handle repair tracking, keep a record of everyday inventory parts and items, take real-time customer signatures on receipts and provide detailed reporting & analytics about the store sales, profits and other essential factors, all through a single platform.

Repair Ticket Management

Modern POS systems provide features in which the store manager can assign different task to each technician with a calendar view, and all the employees can view repair tickets and scheduled tasks assigned to them. They can easily see which card is overdue and require immediate action. Set up emails automatically or sends messages to the customer to inform about their repair job.

Customer & Invoicing

Using a POS system, customers groups can be made if he wants multiple items to be repaired. Discounts can be offered to each group. Furthermore, you can access all previous history of customers, and you can send message or email after a specific duration to know if the customer is satisfied, ask for a review and offer a discount on selected services.

Inventory Management

Unlike manual work, this system is designed with advanced features to manage inventory. It keeps tracking inventory items, makes an adjustment, and notifies with real-time inventory data when the thing is low in stock and needs to be reordered. It allows assigning a serial number, so items from different suppliers can be differentiated. 

RepairDesk does it all for you! Trusted by hundreds of customers, repair businesses love to have RepairDesk for their inventory management and repair solutions. With a rich feature-set, you can create custom labels, professional invoices, send automated emails & SMS and can access your store’s data from anywhere, anytime. 

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Marketing Automation

Using an efficient POS system, customer history can be maintained. You can use a marketing automation tool to send E-mails or messages to the existing customers, ask for a review, and offer discounts. Keeping in touch with your loyal and regular customers can be beneficial for your repair business, engage them, and inform them about your new promotions or sales related to their previous purchases.

Employee Management

Modern POS systems love anything that saves time and effort in scheduling employees works shifts. It provides with advance capabilities of employees’ tasks, so you can easily track their duties and work shifts. You can effortlessly analyze employees’ performances, set their jobs, and can review how much work or time has been spent on a specific task. Roles and permissions can be granted to employees for your store security purposes.


Advanced POS systems provide meaningful business insights regarding sales, products, profit, famous models, and various diagnostics. With cloud POS reporting, you can access it from any location with real-time data. No matter where you are, you’ll always have your business’s essential data with you. Detailed reports provide a complete overview that enables business owners to forecast and make better business decisions.

Multi-Store Management

As the technology is getting more advanced, repair shops are converting their trends to the new Cloud-based Repair POS software that can offer many features to repair store. A cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere. It gives secure backup as the data is saved online. You can manage multiple stores on a single platform. All the store’s operations and information can be accessed remotely.

Payment Integration

Online payment methods help to save time, reduces human errors, increases cash flow, and reduce labor cost. Providing customers with more payment options develop customer loyalty and builds brand reputation.


Keeping in view, the benefits mentioned above of using POS software for your repair shop, we recommend using RepairDesk for a fast and reliable business solution. RepairDesk offers a cloud-based repair tracking and inventory management POS (Point of Sale) software for Cell Phone Repair Store, Watch & Jewelry Repair Stores, Computer Repair Stores which allows store management and associates to track and monitor repair jobs, stay on top of inventory and manage multiple store locations.