Milk Teeth: Guidance Towards a Perfect Smile

Baby teeth matter even if they fall out of the mouth sooner rather than later. Their utility is huge in the mouth and without them, little ones may not be able to eat, speak and smile properly. More importantly, it’s the milk teeth that ensures space in the jaws for the arrival of adult teeth. In most cases, milk teeth or baby teeth will fall between the age of 5 and 6 as it’s when the adult teeth make their way into the mouth. Parents, however, should talk to a kids dentist in case their child loses their milk too early. This will help ensure the right spaces in the mouth for adult teeth to fit in.

Here are some tips to take care of the milk teeth of your baby and ensure them a perfect smile –

1. Brush twice a day 

Like adults, baby teeth too need to be brushed twice a day, first in the morning and then at night. Parents should use only a fluoride-containing toothpaste for brushing to prevent cavities. In new-born babies, you can wipe the gum with a soft wet cloth and keep the mouth free of bacteria and germs. If your child is younger than 3 years, use toothpaste to the size of a rice grain and if he/she is older than three years, use a pea-sized quantity for brushing. And yes, make them brush at least two minutes each session.

2. Use floss to clean between the teeth 

Baby teeth too need flossing to be cleaned properly and thoroughly. However, parents should floss only when they find two teeth of their child touching together. Flossing will help clean the food trapped between teeth and under the gums to minimize the risks of cavities. Parents should use floss every day to ensure proper cleaning to their child’s teeth. it’s good to first teach the child how to floss and then let them do it themselves for achieving their oral hygiene goals.

3. Be careful with your child’s diet 

Whether baby teeth or milk teeth, the diet will have an impact for sure. What your child eats (and drinks) will have a direct impact on their teeth. Any food item that is high in sugar or acid is going to harm their teeth. Sugary items like cookies, cakes, chocolates can weaken the teeth over time. In fact, too much consumption of items with sugar and acid can weaken the enamel and increase the risk of cavities. So, be careful with your child’s diet and have a watch on what they eat.

4. Take the child to the dentist regularly  

Dental experts all over the world advise parents to start taking their child to a dentist as soon as the first tooth comes or before the first birthday itself. A check-up by a dentist can confirm whether the child has plaque or cavities, and ways to good oral care of baby’s teeth. The dentist can also help you know when to expect the next baby teeth. With regular dental visits, you can help your child get healthy teeth and gums and maintain a great smile forever.

5. Ask the dentist about sealants  

Most children are always at higher risk for cavities due to their habit of eating too many sugary items. That’s why parents should talk to the dentist about the same and ask for some protection measures against cavities. Well, they can ask about sealants which are a special coating for the grooves and pits of the back teeth or molars. By putting sealants on the back teeth of the child, dentists can minimize the risks of cavities on the biting surfaces of the teeth.

6. Go for a fluoride treatment  

Look, your child is always at risk for cavities no matter how much you provide them oral care or take caution about their diet. So, it’s always better to stay one step ahead of the risk and provide protection against the problem. You can consult a kids dentist and ask about fluoride treatment. The dentist may recommend a right toothpaste and another fluoride-containing supplement. Plus, the dentist may use fluoride varnish to ensure total protection against cavities. So, trust the dentist always and give kids the smile they deserve.

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