Time to Resolve all Your DME Prior Authorization Issues

The DME prior authorization process is no easy task, as it requires in-depth specialized codes knowledge, updated DME prior authorization rules and regulations etc. Furthermore, inaccuracy in the process can lead to hours of rework; delayed accounts receivable; complex reimbursement and delay in patient’s treatment causing a negative impact on the patient’s health which altogether is a challenge for in-house staff handling the prior authorization process. This is why healthcare providers find outsourcing as a more convenient solution for their DME prior authorization process.

Outsourcing your prior authorization process not only provides you with high-quality services and more time to focus on your core competencies but also helps you address other issues like staff wages, benefits, infrastructure, faster and successful authorization approval etc.

However, the real challenge of outsourcing is finding the perfect operational extension with qualified prior authorization professionals that help you in the complex and time-consuming prior authorization process in an efficient timely manner. Though today most of the healthcare providers are into outsourcing, which guarantees better ROI and a faster solution there are few of the important points that needs to keep in mind:

  • Cost-effective
  • Collection and accuracy rate
  • A complete HIPAA compliance
  • Experience resources with excellent industry references

The Ideal DME Prior Authorization Destination:

Focusing on closing the authorization gaps faster and effectively PriorAuth Online is an authorization platform by Sunknowledge Services Inc for all authorization initiation, follow-up and successful approval for more than 20 specialties.

Leaving you to worry less about security issues PriorAuth Online is a complete 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance, serving most of the leading names in the industry. Freeing you from endless prior authorization responsibility especially in DME prior authorization domain, as more than 50% of our works are involved in this domain, PriorAuth Online offers a complete operational transparency.

With more than 100s of satisfied clients for our unique prior authorization customized solution, we today are the one-stop prior authorization destination with excellent industry reference.

In fact, assuring a 100% prior authorization submission on the same day, we ensure a positive conclusion for all our clients from the 1st day itself. Partnering with us will immediately result in an increase in your collection by 80%, within the first 30 days itself by getting your prior authorization accurately approved by us.

Offering an 80% operational cost reduction, our experts also work on increasing the authorization rate by 1.5-2x, speeding up your claims processing and protecting reimbursement as well. With the highest productivity metrics, PriorAuth Online has the benefit of offering standalone/end to end billing services only at $7 per hour.

Helping healthcare providers with the streamlined operation and an effective way towards financial upliftment, PriorAuth Online helps healthcare providers to focus on other important aspects like patient care.

So if you need help having conversations knowing about our other DME prior authorization benefits, PriorAuth Online has been providing an incredible service for years is just a call away!

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