Why should you go to ACCRA Ghana – The Ultimate itinerary for Accra Tour?

The capital city of Ghana, Accra is though a small city but endeavors a whole experience laced with things to do, see, shop and try. The capital city is spiked with streaming hot streets, blooming urban centers, eclectic bazaars and in- depth historical roots; making Accra a perfect spot to explore the Africa’s inside this season. Whether it is sampling savory native dishes, enquiring slave trades or roving the halls of national museums, Accra is always belted- up to bestow you an ultimate itinerary.

Why should you go to Accra?

If you are craving for amuse, fun, food, shopping and places to visit then Accra is the best spot that you should visit right now. Visit this beautiful city for so much more and have a trip that will remain in your memory for a longer time.

Suggested itinerary to Accra:

You will have a serious inner conflict while being in Ghana Accra; why? Because there is a hauled list of sights and dos in the city and what to see and what to not will be the real issue. Here we try to sort such issue out by giving a plan to the tourists. Even if you are staying in the city for 3 days, you can grab a lot of stuff by following the below mentioned pattern.

Grand spectacles:

For a perfect Day 1, if you plan your day as per the written stuff, then not only it will endeavor you best enjoyment but also will save you money and time as well. After reaching Accra, your trip must be start with roaming in the streets of historic Jamestown. This town is such a beauty to see and admire. Jamestown is a densely populated fishing town that is home to a towering lighthouse built in the British era in 1871. Hit the Top for enjoying the charming views presented by the city and the epic scenery of the picturesque coast. Why not visit a haunting former prison of Old James that has many grieved tales to tell? His prison is located when heading back to Bukom district. To cheer up afterwards, head to Independence Square; probably the most famous site of the city. Called as Black Star Square by the natives, this place is wonderful to give your camera to do some work for you as you will be standing on the city’s most noteworthy landmark. Well- manicured base, a towering cascade n an impressive arch are the M.O’s of this 30,000 seat venue that was built in honor to a visit from the Queen in 1961.

Historical sites:

Day 2 must be spent in exploring the history and past of Accra because if you didn’t about the past, you neither understand nor enjoy the future. Spend the day discoveries of some of the primeval times and stories pertaining them. get an overall view of local culture that will help you to get mixed-up with the locals as  well it helps to shop, eat and buy all by your heart. The National Museum of Ghana is the very first and most eminent place to visit in order to understand Ghana’s and Accra’s history, customs and culture.  Its three focused galleries magnificently highlight the ancient art and contemporary work, endeavor great help for travelers to understand growth and progress of Ghana throughout the ages.

After the visit to National Museum, head to the Accra Brazil House Museum of History next that is one of itself. This empire- oriented house is homage to the affluent heritage of about 70 Tabom people who had returned to Ghana after being enslaved in Brazil. This place will give you a glance of the past and how they introduced the art of irrigation, architecture, tailoring and blacksmithing to their original nation as you explore the grounds.

Markets, shopping and Bazaars: a voyage without eating and shopping is like a cake without icing. The last day of your trip must be to live as per accordance to your heart and shop whatever to want. Grab a creamy glass of traditional ‘palm wine’ (a condensed milk mixed with herbs) – a sip of which will take you world of utmost tastiness. Visit some of the local stalls of Accra as well that are some of the city’s most popular open air- markets. Hit up the huge Makol, where hundreds of vendors hock a wide array of wares, from feeble car parts to handcrafted devices and local art. Then heading to the smaller Timber Market is recommended where rickety stalls are packed with West African eccentricities like dried frogs and medicinal herbs use by traditional healers. If you need one, you will be able to find expert guides that can help you a lot to know in Accra especially about the local foods that are a must to try while being in Accra with cheap flights.

All this and much more can be enjoyed if you arrange your trip in a proper way. Proper arrangement of your itinerary can endeavor you best enjoyments along with saving many of your pounds and time that is the most crucial thing while in a foreign trip.

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