Three Irrefutable Ways to Attract the Best Employees

How to Attract the Best Employees

Hiring good employees is one of the challenges every company faces. Out of hundreds of applicants, sometimes, only one or two are good enough to be considered for the role.

And just when you’re about to offer the position, you’ll learn that other companies are eager to hire them as well.

Oftentimes, the best applicants are desired by multiple companies, and it’s a challenge for your business to make the best offer. And when we say offer, it’s not just about offering the highest salary, too.

If you want the best employees to join your organization, you have to make it worth it for them. It’s not just the employees who need to make an impression. You as a company must prove yourself worthy to hire and train the best in the field.

1. Make a good impression

You can argue that applicants are the ones who need to impress you, but as someone who needs them as much as they need a job, employers need to provide a good impression as well.

Starting the interview on time, reading their resume and portfolio ahead of time, and asking relevant questions are just some of the things you can do.

However, making a good impression extends beyond the people who will interview and asses the employees. How the office looks matters.

You don’t need to have the best commercial office’ interior design, but keeping it clean, organized, and welcoming can make applicants feel comfortable and think well of the company.

2. Offer a desirable compensation package worthy of their experience and skills

As an employer, you must know how employees should be compensated in terms of their skills, competencies, and their current market value.

Do sufficient research on how much professionals with their experience and skill level should be earning, and consider as well the value and potential they’ll be bringing to the company when making an offer.

If your company has salary bracket and you know you can’t offer much compared to other companies, then at least try to compensate with good benefits such as sufficient vacation and sick leaves, health insurance, gym membership, allowances, and bonuses.

Going an extra mile for an employee you deem to be one of the best in the field is necessary if you want to attract top talents.

3. Provide a good work-life balance for employees

A good work-life balance is something that should be integrated in a company’s culture and not something that only a select few should benefit from. Some employees value work-life balance higher than good compensation packages and for good reasons.

Most of the time, protecting themselves from toxic work environment and taking care of their mental health are top priorities.

Discouraging overtime work for employees is a good way to start. If you can allow it, letting employees work from home a couple of times per week would allow them the flexibility that every employee desires.

Some companies even try to make it better by switching to a four-day work week instead of the typical five. Studies show that employees can accomplish as much work in four days than

the typical five. There are numerous ways to achieve a healthy work-life balance for employees, and integrating it into the company culture can make it easier to sell or entice applicants.


Attracting top talents will never be easy. Just as there’s a competition among applicants to get into the best companies, organizations also compete with each other to hire the best professionals from their respective fields.

You don’t have the best company, but trying to be the best company that employees need can be good enough to attract the best employees.

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