DesignCap Makes Infographics Designs Easier

DesignCap Makes Infographics Designs Easier

Infographic is one of the best ways that can be used to adequately explain a topic since it combines with some words and right images which you can get others quickly understand what you want to convey.

DesignCap infographic maker is what you were always looking for. This new application allows you to make infographics with the best designs practically and simply.

DesignCap Makes Infographics Designs Easier

You will not need any more tech skills because you can do it on your computer with the help of this easy-to-use application from now. It has hundreds of pre-designed templates to make your works easier.

With it, you can also create social media designs, presentations, reports, and other graphic designs with a personal and professional touch.

It can be used by anyone (businessmen, housewives, teachers, students, children, etc.). DesignCap is an easy-to-access support tool and is also an innovative application.

Start for free

In the search engine of your choice, you have to put the name of the application “DesignCap,” and it will come out as the first option. Or you can open and enter freely and without utilization costs.

The first thing you’d better create a user account with a user name, email, and password. This application is completely secure for all users’ information. Once you create an account, you can customize your profile.

DesignCap start for free

DesignCap gives you the options to change the profile photo, username, password, and you can see your account plan under the Billing tab. It’s not a must, but if you would love to save your project under your account for later editing, it’s better to register an account.

Choose an infographic templateChoose an infographic template

After clicking “Get Started Now” at its homepage, choose Infographic category at the template page and get started your design.

At the left template list, you will get a wide variety of pre-designed templates without additional costs ready to modify and use, or you can choose to create your innovative design from a blank canvas.

Discover all that DesignCap offers

DesignCap offers

With the toolbar at the left of the interface, try the different resources and editing tools until you get an excellent result for your works. In DesignCap, you can independently design each part of your template because it is divided into blocks.

You can add shapes, icons, photos, charts, text objects, modules, and backgrounds to improve your infographic to the next level.

DesignCap offers millions of stock photos online and millions of icons for you to search from.

Besides, it’s very flexible to adjust and modify each element with specific editing features like color, effect, size, data, font, style, etc.

Save and share

If you think the design has been finished, you can download your design by clicking the Download button at the right top section since it has a real-time preview feature.

If you have some changes, save it under your account and make changes anytime when you return and adjust whatever is necessary. Printable materials also can be printed directly in DesignCap.

In addition, share your infographic to your website or blog or anywhere online is very easy with a URL produced by this tool.

My thoughts

A visual material produced correctly becomes much more productive than a simple text box alone. This is because, through images, we can understand and associate anything at first see without reading.

A useful infographic should be able to guide the observers. Guide them to understand the content easily using the images without necessarily depending on the text.

Due to the versatility of DesignCap, this is possible because it is precisely the design and good management of resources that generate satisfactory results.

DesignCap improves the way of diagramming texts and images. Creating, representing, and arguing had not been so easy. You need to hire professional designers to make a perfect infographic before.

But now you can design what you want and whenever you want, under the help of DesignCap. The only thing you need to have is the internet and a computer.

DesignCap is an ideal tool to make infographics for different topics like education, technology, business, fashion, environment, etc.

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