Things to Check When Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car is like a value for money deal for any person. A used car can serve you for years without the need to spend plenty of money. It can help you save money over the years that people spend on a new car. However, there are many things that people need to check while buying a used car.

Some people in Brisbane hesitate to buy a used car as they claim that it would put them now and again with problems. Of course, a used car needs some repairs, but if the buyer checks some essential things, he or she can buy a value for money car. Here are some essential things that you must check while buying a used car.

Registration documents

Although most people focus on checking the condition of the car, it is essential to check the registration documents. Checking the registration documents helps you to know whether the seller is the first owner or second owner of the car. The registration certificate also tells where the car is registered and the year upto which the owner has paid the road tax.


Driving a car without insurance is an offence in most countries. Some car owners stop renewing its insurance as when they decide to sell their vehicle. If you buy a vehicle without insurance, you need to do its insurance on your own. When you go for the insurance of an uninsured car, the law in some countries may offer you a penalty for the same. Therefore, it is essential to check the insurance of a vehicle before buying one.

Condition of the car

As it is essential to check the condition of the car, a buyer should know what things to check. There are many components in a vehicle and checking the working of every part is not possible for the buyer. Therefore, it is best to check the most critical elements on which the working and life of a car depend. Here is the list of all the essential components that every buyer should check while buying a used car.

The engine of the car

The engine is the heart of the car that makes it run on the road. It is the component that generates power and transmits it to the wheels. Any fault in the engine can lead to problems and repairs over the years. You should check the engine by observing it carefully and taking a test ride.

Watch for any leakage of the engine oil. If there is leakage of oil from the engine, it is a sign of damaged gaskets, or pistons or valves. Moreover, you can open the oil cap of the engine and see some internal parts with the help of a flashlight.

You can see some components of the engine, and they should be clean. If the parts are black or covered with sludge, it means the routine service of the car is not done regularly.

Sound of the car

The sound of the vehicle also tells you about the condition of the engine. When you start the car and accelerate, it should produce a smooth and regular sound without any odd sounds or loud vibrations. You can feel the vibrations inside the car and on the accelerator pedal. Minor vibrations are normal, but if they are severe, they are signs of some problems in the engine. You need to check the vibration without driving when the car is standing still.

Smoke from the silencer

The smoke from the muffler should be normal and not white or black. If the car emits white or black, it indicates some problem in the engine. Usually, black smoke is a sign of worn pistons and valves. White smoke is a sign of incomplete combustion.

Clutch and Brakes

The clutch and brakes also tell a lot about the condition of a car. If the rubber on the clutch and brakes is worn, it means the vehicle has run too much. Also, if the clutch is too loose, it means the clutch plates are worn and need replacement. If the brakes are loose, it can be tightened, or you can get the brake shoes replaced.

The paint of the car

The colour of cars fades over time, but it also tells you about any accidents that the car might have been suffered. Any scratches on the front bumper, back bumper or sides of the vehicle indicate contact with other vehicles or objects. Scratches do not necessarily indicate an accident, but contact with other things. It is also best to look for any dents in the body of the car.

Final Words

These are some essential things to check while buying a used car. Checking the condition of the car and all the important documents can help you to buy the right car to serve you over the years. Following these tips can help people to buy used cars Brisbane or in any other country.

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