Most Searched Custom Soccer Jerseys in the Globe

Jerseys are the representation of the team the players play for during matches. Soccer players and supporters are very particular about their jerseys, they love their costume of playing and costume of supporting their favorite team. More specifically the trend is to love their customized soccer jerseys.

Check the Top 10 custom soccer jersey in the history of soccer!

Tottenham Soccer Jersey 1985-1987

The chevron pattern and dragon stripes were put together to bring out the best design of that series. This jersey of the unique design was manufactured by Hummel. During the Osvaldo Ardiles, this custom jersey was first worn by Diego Maradona.

United States Soccer Jersey 1994

White different shaped stars on the grey t-shirt with red badges, probably most awesome cool look during that time. This was the blessed soccer jersey for the US’94. However, US was knocked down by Brazil in this match but the US custom soccer jerseys were the real heroes for the match!

Verdy Kawasaki Soccer Jersey 1993-1994

The Japanese club was found to be the standing out soccer team during the match. The green and white kaleidoscopic gem was the required print on the Verdy Kawasaki jersey of that particular year.

Netherlands Soccer Jersey 1970

There were several custom jerseys brought before and after Netherlands 1970s. but the striking orange jersey of Netherlands jersey 1970s has been most striking over the past years. The orange jersey was extremely striking black stripes in the sleeves.

Mexico Soccer Jersey 1997-1999

The green executive jersey was worn at 1998 world cup. This jersey is served as a tradition of the Mexican team. The design of the Mexican soccer jersey could be said Flashy, but that would only be the name but it was executed extremely well.

Manchester United Soccer Jersey 1993-1995

Manchester United is often identified by the red home jersey but the change that was done in the 1990s was equally striking. The yellow color was added as a complementary color for the sponsors on the soccer jersey and also as a waistband. The yellow color was nicely paired with blue in the socks and cuffs.

Brazil Soccer Jersey 2018

When the combination of green and Bright lemon yellow strikes the field the energy level of the field becomes twice. The roar and howl on the field echoes all over the stadium.

New Castle United Soccer Jersey 1995-1997

The Black and white broad striped soccer jersey is also referred to as “Granddad Collar Shirt”. This same look was used twice by the New Castle United Soccer team.

Barcelona Soccer Jersey 2010- 2011

The red and blue colors have been the straight path of success for the Barcelona lovers. They have never strayed away from the blue and red color. The touch of yellow has made this soccer jersey more prominent and striking for the stadium full of people supporting them.

Real Madrid Soccer Jersey 2011-2012

The most different and significantly different has been the Real Madrid soccer jersey 2011-2012. The Real Madrid white soccer jerseys have experimented with the stripes of secondary color. This has been the most out of the way jersey in the history of soccer matches in the world.

Why are Uniforms So Important?

Soccer Jerseys are used as uniforms for all the teams and the players of the team. So basically the soccer jerseys are the uniforms for soccer players. So we must know why the jerseys are being used as uniforms and what is the importance of a uniform.

Identity of the Player:

Uniforms help to identify the team and the club and also the player who belongs to that club. Uniforms can be used to identify the player.

Unity of the Team:

Uniform brings unity with identity. As the uniform gives identity to a player it also keeps all the players of the same uniform united.


With a similar uniform, all the players get equal rights and hence bring inequality within all of them. No individual is given special care or treatment or priority. Equality becomes major for all the players playing with the same uniform and same team.

Team unity can be brought in through the same uniform and the same uniform can bring in the same responsibility and love towards the team. All soccer players respect their uniform which is just a soccer jersey for the fans. These soccer players are very particular about their work as a team and their love for the team is flaunted on the field with their Soccer uniform.

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