Top Trusted IoT Application Development Companies Worldwide

Back in 2015 there were only 15 Billion IoT connected devices. But by 2025 it is predicted that it will grow upto 75 Billion devices which clearly indicates the significant rise of IoT technologies 

Companies across several industries as well as Government agencies started using IoT platforms for many mission-critical applications like in smart healthcare, military & defense services and a lot more complex tasks due its vast capabilities. The IoT platform along with the cloud services provides a scalable, secure connected application.

Right from installing tiny sensors to mission-critical industrial actuators, there are several IoT app development companies who seamlessly deliver many projects helping the organizations to be globally recognized and move towards a digitally transformed company.

Curated List of Top IoT App Development Companies

Though the silicon giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon also provide IoT services, in this section we are focusing on Top 7 IoT companies among the mid-sized and start-up companies, who emerged as the best IoT service providers in short span.

Discover the top internet of things companies that have a strong client portfolio using successful IoT implementation methods, secured IoT gateways and IoT tools.

1. Contus


Contus is the leading Software as a Product company with powerful digital engineering services. Founded in 2008, it provides the best IoT app development services and has expanded its client portfolio in smart healthcare, construction, across the global through various IT services and products.

Among which they are pioneers in Iot app development services and completed many successful IoT projects including renowned Smart city project, building an IoT- Sensor based app for a leading heavy-duty vehicle company and so on.

Key Strengths:

  • Skilled In-house Team with post-production support as well
  • Supports powerful cloud services like AWS, Azure and IBM’s Bluemix
  • Provides scalable IoT Solutions with Data Analytics features and uses robust protocols like MQTT, XMPP,CoAP for building a disruptive IoT application.

2. Inoxoft


Among the Internet of Things app development company, Inoxoft provides the best solutions for any sized business. To kick start an IoT project, Inoxoft offers a ready-made IoT model with connected devices at an affordable price.

Inoxoft has helped in increasing the revenue and expand the business horizons by undertaking various IoT development projects like implementing smart city, smart healthcare system, and so on. It also served several business verticals like Retail, e-Commerce and Insurance.

Key Strengths:

  • Flexible and convenient cloud storage options
  • Data analytics
  • Secured applications
  • Smart management of the available devices

3. Biz4Group


Biz4Group is one of the best IoT service providers which helps any organizations to get a full spectrum of IoT solutions. Right from data management features to digital twin technology, they provide a complete secure IoT architecture. They are working for several sectors like smart farming, oil and gas, healthcare and transportation to be specific.

These disruptive technologies helped them to leverage any business model and emerged as one of the best IoT application development services providers with better decision-making and monitor the asset performance.

Key Strengths:

  • Offers complete IoT package services
  • Reduce the operational costs with their ground breaking solutions
  • Provides automated connected devices

4. HQSoftware


Started in 2001, HQSoftware created several customized IoT solutions for customers. Their IoT development services focus on Industrial enterprises to make better business decisions, hardware manufacturers for extending the market presence and system integrators that help to build an IoT ecosystem.

They are also well-versed in tweaking the existing IoT platforms for enhanced performance. As one of the best IoT app development companies, HQSoftware has developed multiple smart device networks with top-notch technologies deployed in ON-premise (local) or cloud.

Key Strength:

  • Provides Platform-based solutions with focus on IoT, AR and VR technology
  • Dedicated in-house developmental teams
  • Software applications supports cross-platform

5. Mobiloitte


Mobiloitte offers reliable web and app development services especially in IoT, Blockchain, Bots and AI technology. With 14+ years in the software industry, they provided various software development services for start-ups to large enterprises.

Mobiloitte offers IoT Services including wearables, security and surveillance systems, predictive maintenance through various connected devices. Building smart appliances in home or company with specific IoT apps provide better customer experience.

Key Strength:

  • Mobiloitte uses ‘Appcelerator’, a ready made solution which helps to build a native mobile application instantly.
  • Supports AWS cloud which is the core IoT platform
  • Has ‘Evrythng’ which is an IoT Smart Products platform that maps all the physical object to a digital identity

6. Finoit


Finoit provides a holistic solution for building a complete IoT application development lifecycle. They walk through the entire process while implementing IoT services like identifying the issue, planning a solution, building a robust platform with specific hardware selection.

Once the IoT platform is built, the testing and implementation process, enhances the outcome of the project to a great extent. With the help of their automated process, Finoit has several successful IoT application development projects in the USA and India as well.

Key Strengths:

  • Helped over 100 startups, hence highly experienced in startup thinking
  • AWS is the standard consulting partner
  • Monitor real-time behaviour & also enhance the complex challenges

7. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons is a globally recognized digital agency which provides several IT development services including IoT, Blockchain, ML, Chat Bot and DevOps. They have dedicated IoT app developers who are responsible for creating end-end internet-of-things services.

Also, apart from providing the developmental services, Pixel Crayons also offers post- customer support & maintenance services with complete backend services.

Key Strengths:

  • Developing apps for multiple types of connected wearable devices
  • Voice enabled technology solutions
  • Supports data analytics
Wrapping Up:

However simple it may sound, implementing a practical IoT solution for any organization is quite a lot of hard work. That is where these IoT service providers come in.

Consider these IoT app development companies as a heads-up which are selected from the best of the lot among mid-sized to start-up companies. Choosing the right IoT app development company along with a strong in-house team helps your organization to have a substantial growth and move to a digitally transformed world seamlessly.

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