Things to Consider before going to Hajj

4 Things to Consider before going to Hajj

For healthy and financially equipped Muslims living around the world, it is compulsory to offer a visit once in a lifetime to the holy mosques in Makah and Medina.

There are several specific rituals attached to the pilgrimage which have to be observed by the people there in the holy mosques.There is a sequence which has to be followed.

For many of us this thing would not be new, but there are still many who would be confused about how to prepare for the Hajj and what to carry and what not to carry while others would be confused about where they should go when they are in Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah.

We will give you some tips and tricks that could help you make things better and make the best out of your journey.

What Clothe to choose for the Ehram?

Since the country is hot and there is a lot of crowd in the mosque, it is better to choose light and not see through clothe for your ihram. Cotton could be the best available option.

For men, it includes two white cloth sheets which are good to carry, not heavy, absorbs the sweat and is not very thick to wear. For women; however, the normal abaya is fine and is considered the ihram.

Carry your Medicines

If you are suffering from some health condition and are regularly taking some medicines, it is very necessary that you carry your medicines during the journey.

Not only the required but also those that could be used for first aid and bandages should also be kept along in order to use if there is any need of it.

Apart from that for the particular disease related medication, it would be appropriate if you carry extra dosage more than that required for your stay in the country for the Hajj or Umrah.

Apart from keeping medicines, before you leave for the journey make sure you have had a thorough check-up and also seek advice regarding your health.

This is important because in this journey you will have to walk a lot and may also need to face heat and harsh condition due to the weather extremes. It is, therefore, advised to talk it out with you physician before you set out.

Where to keep all the Important Stuff?

The most important thing which is a never-miss-out thing from your list of baggage is your passport and some important documents. You should have these things with you, religiously, at all times.

For that, we recommend you to carry a waist pouch as it is handy and can easily be carried around the waist without much weight to carry on your shoulders.

In that you could also keep your money and everything that you could need anytime during the journey. It will save your time and also keep you fully equipped round the clock for anything you need.

What kind of Luggage Bags is suitable to carry my Luggage in?

For the suitcases, it is mostly recommended that your suitcase has a lock. Also, the material with which it is made should not be soft as the softer material of your suitcase might destroy the things present inside your bag.

How much luggage one should carry is such a big question for all of us. Preferably the people recommend not carrying excessive luggage in the journey.

You are there for a purpose unlike any other trip of your life. Therefore, try keeping your luggage simple and concise and take in the spiritual advantage of your trip.

Not only you should be worried about the details of your Hajj packages, it is highly recommended that you make your journey easy.

Hajj packages from Pakistan will also brief you about these things but not in much detail.

From people availing private Hajj packages from Lahore to the Best Hajj Package from Karachi should make sure that they do not do anything which will make their journey or others journey any difficult.

It is once in a lifetime experience. Immerse yourself completely to make the best of the time you have at hand in the mosques.

The best advice you could get to be there is that you be in that moment and experience the spirituality.

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