With the new trends in society, consumerism also grows stronger. Consumers always want a change and innovation in the packaging designs, a style that can appeal to them and add to their convenience. Gable packaging is one of the newest and exotic designs available in the market. These containers are made up of high-quality Card stock, which can be cut and folded into the desired shape. Gable Boxes are sleek and appealing in the visuals with maintaining the durability of the package. The final construction of these containers is exotic in the sense that the die-cut sheets form a complete container along with a handle on top for ease in mobility.

Gable Gift containers

Gable packaging is also one of the important to consider as there is a wide variation in the selection of material for this packaging design. It means that one can precisely choose the required size in the desired material. The material range from Kraft sheets to Ecofriendly E-flute or bux board, but one thing is standard in all materials that all of them form a durable construction with sustainable nature. These card stocks are highly recyclable and have a low price range in comparison with other packaging materials.

Due to the unique design and premium feel of these containers, they are perfect for favor purposes, and you can utilize these containers on every occasion. The handle construction ensures the mobility and protection to the package as the handle comprises a slit which acts as a lock on it, omitting any risk of incidental fall of package or product inside. Moreover, these containers can be widely customized in accordance with the needs of a person; you can select a size that suits your item to be encased, as this packaging is available in different shapes and sizes. The containers can be heavily embellished and imprinted with desired graphics, here are some ideas for packaging your gift flawlessly in these containers.


Utilize the coatings

For designing a flawless gift package, you have to make sure that all the visuals are premium for your container. You can make a choice from different finishing options available for the gable packaging. You can select from the matte finish for providing premium looks to the package or can choose UV gloss, which enhances the printed graphics on the package. The finishing choice of your packaging can depend upon the style, if you get your package customized by imprinting the graphics, it will be good to go for gloss finishing as it creates an eye-popping appeal and if you are going for a plain package, matte finish will give premium feel to your package due to the textured surface.

Photo gable packaging

The Gable Boxes are already felt exotic due to the unique construction of the containers, but you can make them even appealing by making use of custom printing on them. There are many styles of printing available for such containers ranging from screen printing to high-resolution digital printing. You can also get photo boxes by using digital printing of photos of the recipient of your gift; it will surely appeal the beholder in the best possible way, creating an enhanced appeal and showcasing your love and care for him or her. 

Ribbon it

Despite the unique look of gable packaging, you can further add embellishments on the package by making use of ribbons and beads to be pasted on these cases. You can also make use of additional options available for gable packaging like cut out windows. These cut slits in the box can be beneficial for making your gift more appealing to the recipient. The embellishments added on the packaging can make your gift stand out from the rest of the others. The ribbons can be added on the package by making use of ribbon strips going all the way diagonally on the container, or you can experiment with ribbons to make more intricate designs like net or flowers.

Say the words, say it all!

There is no doubt that words impact more than anything else. There may be a probability that you have never told your loved ones something that you always wanted to. Special occasions are always a good chance to say what you always wanted. You can make use of written tags with messages to be hanged along with handles, or you can use the customization feature to imprint your message on the container directly.


Gable packaging come in various sizes ranging from small to large gable boxes, you can make use of the printing space on these containers to get your desired message imprinted in creative typeface, you can make use of foil printing for this purpose and can also get the name of the beholder to be embossed in gold or silver foiling. This process will surely bring joy to the face of the beholder by utilizing these ideas for your gifts.