The dawn of smart technology and devices has changed every human life aspect. Where it provides ease of communication, these hand-held devices has much more to offer. Where technology has transformed human lives, it has also gone through numerous evolution—the shift from desktop PCs to mobile devices is one of the most significant technological evolution. 

Where most business organizations and companies are hesitant and scared of the change and adoption of new trends and methods, benefiting from the innovative technology of mobile apps ensure that your company stay relevant in the business industry and doesn’t fall behind. To stay updated with the trends and developments, most companies hire app development services UAE, UK, and Australia to acquire the best possible mobile solution. 

Since developing a great website is crucial for building an online reputation, mobile apps are a great way to access a larger consumer base. The best part is that with a rise in numbers of online app builders, the cost of building high-quality applications and mobile solutions has dropped quite significantly. The affordability of mobile applications has made it easier for fresh startups and small businesses to become a part of this incredible mobile revolution of the business world. With that being said, here are some of the new technologies that will change the mobile industry in the year 2019:

•    An upsurge in small business apps and solutions:

Where most of the trends are started and widely adopted by bigger and successful companies, such is not the case with mobile apps and solutions. Numerous small and medium-sized business organizations and brands are now capitalizing on this trend and are looking for cost-effective ways to develop high-quality mobile applications and solutions. 

•    Location-based services:

This feature allows the user to get notified of the nearby business within his surroundings and location. Using this feature, businesses can send a special promotional notification to nearby consumers. Apart from that, you can even alter and tailor the notification to fit the preferences of the users and consumers. 

•    Integration of augmented reality:

The sole purpose of mobile applications and solutions is to make things and daily activities easier and simpler for users. Utility applications like memos, recorder, flashlight, and other similar apps make your smartphone even smarter. Utility app is necessary for managing digital data and information. AR combined with the utility of these apps not only increase the efficiency of the smart device; rather, it also contributes to a reduction in erroneous work.

•    The domination of AI:

Where AI is changing the paradigms of various industries, the mobile app industry is no exception to it. Where AI can be used as a virtual assistant, providing the customers with relevant guidance, it is also making the entire shopping and business experience better and smarter. 

•    Connecting worlds– IoT apps:

There’s no doubt that technology is making our lives smarter and well-connected. From smart gadgets to home appliances, everything is connected to the internet. IoT is all about the capability of a mobile device to connect with a variety of devices via internet access. This interaction between various devices provides you with better and faster data gathering, which in turn increases the efficiency of the device.

•    Revenue generation:

Where mobile apps are increasing in numbers, the rate of revenue generation through a mobile app has also skyrocketed. Where applications and mobile solutions make human lives easier, they also help the businesses in discovering the potentials of their products and services.


The mobile revolution is just the beginning of the new technological era. Where smart and innovative mobile technology is changing the ways of communication; mobile applications are one thing the world has not to have enough of yet.  

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